Baby mouth ulcers several coup also a healthy baby (1)

极速赛车公式   Because the baby's skin and mucous membranes are relatively thin, so will be much larger chance of。
Baby appeared to mouth ulcers and oral health are at risk of。
If the situation relatively minor food therapy is recommended for treatment, if the situation is more serious view should consult a doctor immediately。
  Common oral ulcer has the following categories: hand, foot and mouth disease: This disease is also with vesicular stomatitis similar symptoms occur in children under 5 years of age, with a prevalence。Oral lesions illness throughout the lip, cheek, tongue, palate, etc., into many small blisters, easily broken, broken after forming a plurality of small ulcers, except for the mouth portion, also on the palm, foot, hip skin scattered small blisters appear, so called hand, foot and mouth disease。
  Mouth sores: the more common, but different etiology。Either because the oral mucosa has obvious wounds caused by some because of the pressure caused by too much, because there is a lack of vitamin B in food。
Initial oral mucosa have a burning sensation, followed by redness, and the formation of many small ulcers, considerable pain。
Common site lingual mucosa, floor of the mouth and tongue portions?! rauma: Any burns, puncture wounds, eating things such as corrosive, can cause oral mucosal injury, sparking ulcers?! ow do find the ulcer site: when the baby mouth ulcers, to carefully observe the baby's mouth, to find the exact location。If ulcers in the buccal mucosa, it is necessary to find the cause of ulcers further: for example, to see if there are sharp teeth near the surface of the skin is not smooth gap, if there is such a gap, you should take the baby to the hospital for treatment?! iet analgesia: Do not give your baby to eat sour, spicy or salty foods, otherwise the baby will be more pain at the ulcer。
Should take fluids to the baby, to relieve pain, but also conducive to the healing of the ulcer。
  Divert attention: greater concern for the baby, and the baby more than talk, to distract him, to give the baby to create a relaxed, pleasant living environment。