CIRC thorough investigation of the "gray rhinoceros" risk passed hand to force liquidation request

极速赛车公式 Abstract: Up to now has dealt with seven discipline, discipline 3 will be the management of cadres, two below the level cadres, 30 were given to other treatments。1 person suspected of crimes transferred to judicial organs, and another five people were directly judiciary enforcement measures。In addition, since the Xiang Junbo "sacked", the new batch of chips has been basically the insurance license suspended since April last year, former party secretary of China Insurance Regulatory Commission Chairman Xiang Junbo "sacked", Xiang Junbo eliminate the pernicious influence of intense work in the insurance regulatory system launch。After nine months of investigation and purges, the CIRC system currently dealt with seven disciplinary problems, more than ten people will be punished, six of them entered the judicial process?! ?quot;Financial" reporter learned from multiple sources, eliminate the pernicious influence of the work carried out Junbo since, until now, covering the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and Insurance Regulatory Commission authority level of more than ten people subject to appropriate sanctions。Currently eliminate the pernicious influence of the work has been completed "three-step" the first step and the second step。"Strict supervision" will continue to be the focus of insurance supervision 2018?! lean up the pernicious influence, to reshape our regulatory ecology It is understood that in 2018 the national insurance regulatory work conference on January 22, held for the first time disclosed, Xiang Junbo "sacked", the CIRC system through self-correction, so far has dealt with seven discipline question, disciplinary action 3 will be the management of cadres, two below the level cadres, 30 were given to other treatments。1 person suspected of crimes transferred to judicial organs, and another five people were directly judiciary enforcement measures。51 people have been talking reminder, criticized, or within a time limit other treatment, admonishing treatment for 6 people?! or the news, news CIRC propaganda department official on the "financial" told reporters that "not clear."?! t is understood that complete eliminate adverse effects Junbo pernicious influence, in-depth Chajiu, China Insurance Regulatory Commission set up corresponding leading group and working body to develop a corresponding specific programs of work。Since April 9, 2017 Junbo official "sacked", the cadre and personnel system to freeze all work CIRC。According to sources close to the number of insurance supervision system revealed that from April last year to now, retirement age, salary adjustments and personnel changes and so on have been suspended?! fter the current round of investigation and clean-up supervision of cadres, it is understood, will further enrich the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and China Insurance Regulatory Commission optimized organs, Insurance Regulatory Commission and will control the unit leadership?! n addition, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission to improve the selection and appointment of work-related systems and mechanisms, complete the rectification of the Director Each insurance set (Director) assistant duties, authorities revised the CIRC personnel management practices and personnel management agency of measures to strengthen the supervision of cadres daily supervision and management, we have developed procedures to remind the leading cadres, letter of inquiry and admonishing。In addition to improve the mechanisms and institutions also increased the intensity of the training of cadres?! t is understood that China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Chen Wenhui national regulatory work conference that some time ago the insurance illegal chaos, insurance regulators also exposes loopholes and shortcomings in terms of institutional mechanisms, the formation of regulatory gaps zone, left to unscrupulous agencies an opportunity, but also for insurance regulation and development of the industry produced serious damage?! ince last year, the insurance regulators of foreign executives repeatedly stressed the need to strengthen the supervision of regulators。For existing regulatory shortcomings and problems, strengthen weak links in the system construction supervision, self-repair and improvement?! ?quot;Financial" Reporters learned that eliminate the pernicious influence of the work is divided into "three-step", currently first and second step has been completed, the next step will enter the "rectification correction, improve the mechanism," the third phase of step?! t is understood that the internal procedures for the regulation is not perfect, there is the field of operational risk, Insurance Regulatory Commission to develop appropriate implementation details, plug the loopholes in the regulatory system。It will also establish a unified leadership and graded responsibility, resource sharing data governance structure of insurance supervision。In addition, currently under revision in the "Insurance Law" also accelerating in advance?! horough investigation of the "gray rhinoceros" In addition to the risks of the insurance regulatory system to carry eliminate the pernicious influence of self-examination, the CIRC system but also for the entire industry, "consultation"。In mid-2017, a total of 720 times in penal institutions, personnel 1046 people。Among them, a fine of 1.500 million yuan, an increase of 56.1%; ordered to stop accepting new business 24; revocation of qualifications 18; industry banned 4 people?! ast year, under the strict supervision of the insurance industry, China People's Insurance former president Wang Yincheng "sacked" Ampang Insurance Group Chairman Wu Xiaohui was taken away, a group of insurance firms issue and those responsible punished accordingly?! t is understood that China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Chen Wenhui in the national insurance regulatory work conference that part of the risk of the insurance industry are "gray rhinoceros" type of risk, mainly related to minority issues Company?! he past two years, a number of platform-based insurance company flagship product in the short-duration non-life insurance investment type products, maddening premiums, end the assets wantonly carried placards and alternative investments, short-term with long, severe asset-liability mismatch。Since last year, China Insurance Regulatory Commission halted policies, investment products for sale or restricted, some radical platform for the company's emergence as a negative liquidity, and some have been for several seasons, cash flow risk is more prominent?! t is understood that Chen Wenhui regulatory work conference pointed out that these issues reflected in the company's liquidity risk, but is rooted in corporate governance, the root cause is that shareholders invested false, untrue and capital improper related party transactions。"From the beginning of the batch set, changes to shareholders, increase in capital, product design, conduct business, to the use of funds, we are looking at it with a big problem up, which bears potential risks of not paying enough pay attention。"The problem lies in the company's risk, with the influx of capital from various quarters of social insurance, shareholders may put their problems transfer of risk to the insurance company。In particular, some shareholders through investment trusts, private equity funds and other investment products illegal conduct nested, channels and other services to cover up the true state of risk。Various insurance industry and the legal profession believe that the risks from the shareholder level, in particular through the equity held with blurred face a real situation behind the capital, it is difficult to identify and touch from the insurance field, some capital walk in the gray area operation, how effective supervision is very difficult?! hina Insurance Regulatory Commission last year for the first time carried out a full coverage of corporate governance assessment to find out the corporate governance risks in foreign insurance base-legal entity。For questions in the assessment found, from the China Insurance Regulatory Commission in October last year issued more than ten consecutive copies regulatory letter, started repaying the shareholders' equity of illegal work。Up to now, a total of three violations of equity to be repaying the insurance firms。It is understood, then also repel illegal ownership of a number of insurance firms?! t is understood that, for larger problems the company, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission by controlling the speed and scale of business restructuring, the stock defuse risk, and control the incremental risk, prompting a comprehensive restructuring。In addition, issues the company will take "a business a policy" of measures to deal with the risk of sustained-release order?! n addition to thorough investigation and clean-up, the CIRC has also strengthened the qualification requirements and classification management to shareholders, strict norms of equity capital and change behavior, from the source to prevent impure motives investors to enter the insurance industry。Currently the insurance company equity management approach has published two editions of the revised draft, the construction of directors, supervisors and high duty performance evaluation system has been started, and gradually make up for the relevant regulatory short board?! hina Insurance Regulatory Commission briefing on January 22, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission to disclose the annual revision and improvement of regulations and regulatory documents a total of 26, more rigorous regulatory regime cage?! icense applications army will clean up in recent years, continued growth of the insurance industry and strong cash flow, attracting a large number of capital to pour in, join the army of license applications。According to incomplete statistics, there are still hundreds of companies to build applications on the list?! owever, since the Xiang Junbo "sacked", the new batch of chips has been basically the insurance license suspended。According to statistics, in 2017 there were only four insurance companies approved to build, and all approved in January。2016 there are 19 insurance companies and two tubes of insurance companies approved to raise capital, hit a record high since 2011?! ?quot;Financial" Reporters learned from the channel, under strict supervision, CIRC for the insurance industry overall idea of the new entrants are strictly guard the pass, the classification process。For example, the agency has approved for preparation, will closely follow the preparations, strict opening off; institutional pending, the different categories scrutiny, clear Shen raise mechanisms collation, explore the establishment of "reserve pool" system。For the applicant has demonstrated the existence of a problem, will be repaying?! ast year, a CIRC relevant person in charge in an interview with the "Financial" reporter mentioned that China Insurance Regulatory Commission for approval of a license, will tilt mutual insurance, Internet insurance, captive insurance companies and other new forms in order to increase the diversification of the insurance body?! t is understood that the "strict supervision" will continue to be the focus of insurance supervision 2018。By strict regulation, from fast processing, severely accountability, so that the regulatory "long teeth", so that the offending institution long memory。