Eight kinds of physical fitness regimen Taoism how your health

极速赛车公式 www.2chex.com Eight kinds, physical health topic discussed since ancient times is our gossip, especially now that people pay more attention to health, today small'll tell you about eight kinds of physical fitness regimen, and together go and see small series!Eight kinds of physical regimen 1, physical Type: calm Physical Physical characteristics: normal level and physical constitution, such a robust human body symmetry, complexion, skin moist, dense and shiny hair, eyes God, lip color red, fatigue , energetic, sleep, good appetite, urine normal, easygoing, cheerful, less sick。
Solution: peaceful constitution of the people is the yin and yang, calm, normal human blood and viscera function, but usually also should pay attention to health。
2, physical type: Yang and physical Physical characteristics: these people are not strong muscles, cold hands and feet, epigastric, back or waist part cold, wear more clothes than others, do not like blowing air conditioning in summer, like the quiet, eating or drinking cold food uncomfortable, easy to loose stool, clear urine color and quantity。 Character and more dull, introverted。
Solution: There are yang qi can often eat food。
Such as,, dog meat, venison, leek, ginger ,, pepper, pepper, etc.。
Eight kinds of physical fitness regimen can often eat "Ginger lamb", lamb practice is 300 grams, Angelica 30 grams, 50 grams of ginger。
Eat cold food cold, drink less。 3, physical types: physical deficiency Physical characteristics: Yin physical person and more slender body, often feel hands, soles of the feet fever, his face flaming, cheeks flushing, or reddish, can not bear the summer heat, often feel dry eyes, mouth dry mouth and throat, always want to drink, dry skin, brash, outgoing and restless。