12 small fragments: how wonderful life can be?

极速赛车公式 www.2chex.com 12 small fragments: how wonderful life can be?  This article is reprinted with permission potter.COM / problem / 24269892 / answer / 2734441401 EMU.Eating dessert while looking down at TED.He looked up, looked at me and next to a small eye is too Gogo’s.Take a piece and handed him, and turned to leave is too small.Haha, well shy of being too small.After a child, is too small and ran his hand more than an apple.He said: Uncle, I asked my mother, I can eat.I use apple with you for.Apple has water damage, just washed.  02 7:00 am, gentle sunshine.  go running.Under the stairs, around the corner, a shade, a silver-haired old man reading a book, wearing reading glasses.  Next to a small child holding a picture flashcards.Quiet, peaceful, spread over the ground.  03 know almost.Occasionally wandered into a girl’s Homepage.See the words: I know that a small own ability, but, what can help you Mody?  04 micro letter, circle of friends.Often you see a fat girl status.Send clothes to the homeless under the bridge.To deliver meals to the subway wind diners.Publish a list of demands to the child’s mountainous Sichuan.The total amount of announced recipients, as well as capital flows.Each of the good-hearted people to donate attached language to put out big broadcasted.She said: bad things do not necessarily have to be punished, but to do good must be praised.She would not give me a regular postcard.The fat girl, but, really beautiful.   05 chat with colleagues.  Why do talk to the run game?He said: In Mobile, colleagues chatting vegetable prices are going up again, San Mao into a four wool and other trivial matters.  A few years later I think I will become that kind of person, I shudder.  So, I came to Shanghai.  0625 Birthday.Like 2:00, the phone rang.Hear my mom’s voice, instantly awake.  Hears the mother’s voice is not hurried, I came to realize that home is not an accident.Impatient complaints: This time it is all.His aging mother runaway: brats, 25 years ago, is this point, you can toss his aging mother miserable.  Wake you sleep, you dare complain?  07 Chinese New Year.  Closing off Fanhu.Before I left, my grandfather said: away from home, say things smooth points, some things open eyes closed eyes passed.The lifetime of honest people.08 bakery.  Working.It was very hot, received orders.When the cake sent, I have been sweating profusely.Lolita is a small door, she saw the cake, shouting my favorite strawberry cake.  Happy face.Then, little Lolita looked at me, Dailiaoyixia, handed me a Coke: uncle, drink.Mom called away the little Lolita.Soon, small Lolita is back, holding a glass of water.Water is at room temperature, a little salty.This water, most thirst-quenching.  09 in Qingdao.Go to a frequented patronize the stalls to buy food.Overtime came back late, popular vegetable market has to go.Stall is a 30-something woman, they are looking their best.She saw my questions, said: I am a man work hard, I do not want him to go home to see is an ugly face.  10 weekends.Write documentation scratching their heads in.A girl Q: seeking a few good song, write documentation scratching their heads in.Receive a reply: talk about the award-winning first before recently heard a few words, forget the heart Anan Jing point there is a recent singles champion all my Terry Lin Yi cold fireworks bus 11.  Brakes.Next 30 or so a woman, a little head knock.Her man conditioned reflex to the sentence: it hurt?  Listen to the teachings of an old professor long before 12.He said: After the training, what you go through a lot of things, read a lot, walked a lot, met a lot of people, you forget much of it, eventually things left behind.  Knot life is really like this, a man, a paper bag, a look, a story, a paragraph, a book.At some point, there has been one thing, previous experience, it forward to it, and soon (perhaps the moment), clearly the world.(Or their own perception of the world).  Growth is very interesting, but, no way again.Finally, thank you again Taiai.