Ash took over the open home

极速赛车公式 Especially in the most beautiful four seasons of spring, green everywhere, flowers everywhere, filled with bursts of fragrance released into the atmosphere.    In the body, regardless of the Southland Four Seasons, always miss hometown of spring, the cool summer, autumn, winter frost.Often think, deep in my mind I miss the warmth of memory fragments of whispers, gently touch the keyboard to knock my day to read, every night dream home, especially that the arrival of spring tree flowers over the open season.    Ash An extremely tenacious vitality of trees grown in multi-arid northwest region, it is not proud figure Bo Yang, nor Indus tall and burly, but not Willow’s charming, but it is definitely Sophora japonica bloom bright, yellow and white colors blooming in no way inferior to the flourishing of the warm spring, slightly fragrant, sweet and pleasant, greedy adults with children are more happy than it is to love it, like a bunch of grapes shaped SJ included in the mouth in Nenxiang overflowing, endless after taste.    Naturally, the group of greedy greedy children and ultimately childhood, I followed my brother with the neighbors Xiaoya, holding a wooden fork to find a lush acacia trees bud, hold back the saliva flowing immediately, a fork of a fork to where we delineation fold, then Mimi’s craving a meal, often are “belly county” fullness unbearable, we finally agreed to give up the strike mouth.    At that time, eat more than simple, pay attention to what are not, but do not know there are people in town can not eat wild things to say.Ash spent on home everywhere, although not as brilliant pink peach, white pear can not compare, but not as other kinds of flowers glamorous, but it’s no match and unique sweet, filled in spring full home was originally so beautiful, so beautiful.    Child, still clearly remember, above the ramp next to the pigpen our domesticated animals, the trees have exposed tree roots, flowers of every season, the tree became a leafy tree flowers all circles pigs Tsai world delicious, product relish, eat clean, it is not left residue, but also reduce the number of Dayton mother to feed pigs, which can really save with the pros and cons.    At first, we thought that only these greedy kid happy it love it, love it and later found a lot of people, and even foreign investors to come to bid to weight to calculate the sale, the requirement is not mixed with any debris, excess branches off bar does not work.I heard that there is such a good thing, this cola bad a lot of people do not bother to spend the acquisition of Ash for what purpose, just to elaborate tree flower essences outside the yard picked clean, waiting for people to come in pounds takeover sell so that more or less can supplement the family income, at least you can buy a bag of salt, or to buy a box of matches, although the price is modest, but better than flowers over and over again really dying to come.    Until now, I have been thinking, those who come from the field of foreign play, they spend money to acquire these tree flowers in the end what’s the use?It can be processed into what?It also has more value or use?Puzzling, but I know Ash flowers of the season, my home town, it was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and the picturesque, but unfortunately ignorant of me, no swipes poetic, picturesque waving ink ability, can only knock shallow written love heart, heart attachment.    Simple, does not prevent growth, the ordinary, can not hide its unique, how the environment does not affect the tenacious growth, there is always one, the light can not hide, there is always one side, gleaming glory bloom.This is not something we can be concealed, nor is losing thousands of species can compare features, only in other words, each with its long, each with its colors, different styles.    So simple you and me, ordinary you and me, a different environment in which you and I, what is missing?Think.The need for perseverance as tenacious as it is grown, whether you believe this is different, I’m unique.

Ash poet “Write down the time to see the Milky Way panorama” Appreciation

You see the Milky Way shining silver light in the darkness of the universe you first saw the Milky Way in search of a just and it is the same object that the method described you first saw the Milky Way can search for anything you do not put it as it it shining silver light in the darkness of the universe you see the Galaxy you should know that you have been with the Galaxy package you can stand on a point inside the Milky Way Galaxy as a whole is not seen you stand inside the local Milky Way Galaxy and the some mysterious objects linked to the start you see a silver band of light to illuminate the darkness of the universe in front of a local presentation is so simple and straightforward that it does not allow you to generate complex idea you look at the Milky Way Galaxy, when you look at your ears have been echoed Namo Amitabha like cold water droplets in the head masterpieces [Appreciation] the poem is divided into seven levels to interpret.The poem with a second person to write, easy to feel the reader into the scene.Read the poem the reader feel quickly became the poem “you” and enjoy an immersive experience.  The first level of poetry, the galaxy is a galaxy in the universe, but also the position of the Earth we live and the sun, moon celestial body which the various common.Galaxy pictures in the panorama of the first thing you see is the “Milky Way shining silver light in the darkness of the universe,” the second level of poetry, if readers first saw the Milky Way, the galaxy will go and search the planet as an object or Mother Earth or other planets.The third level of poetry, if readers first saw the Milky Way and do not put this big planet search can be seen as another planet.Also see the flashing silver light in the darkness of the universe.The fourth level of poetry, if readers see the Milky Way will understand, it was just a particle of it on earth, not only is the enamel is wrapped and wrapped the Galaxy, if the reader inside the Galaxy a point on the stand, see the Milky Way as a whole , it is not local.The fifth level of poetry, if readers stood Galaxy destroy Ministry, will produce a Legend, “the Milky Way and some of the mysterious object into consideration and” will see the Milky Way band of light to illuminate the darkness of the universe.The third level of poetry, to see many things in a complicated complex after stumbling in fact is simple and straightforward, and will not allow himself the complex idea.The seventh level of poetry, if readers look at the Galaxy on whether there is a connection to the universe of heaven, can become a Buddha perhaps this is just futile want, like water droplets sobering cold in the head.  The poem is the poet’s rhetorical methods repeatedly, between levels gradually progressive, described the small man in the universe, not only are part of the earth, but also the entire part of the galaxy and the whole universe.Boundless universe, Galaxy vast, human insignificance, the formation of small and large relationship between these three.In the Milky Way, we feel their presence, as part of this celestial body is, your mind will inevitably be linked with the entire universe, no human existence, the entire universe lose its vitality, brilliant sense.

Ash patch of forest, SJ Hong Nazhen

Yudong plain, not only multi-plane trees, Ash also more.Edge of the village are plane trees and long canoe, while Ash is generally thirty-five forest born population groups thirty-five.  We were in the village, away from the vehicle quickly passed noisy asphalt road, it is located in a remote corner of the land, in the shade of dark green to dark green forest Ash the other end.In addition to the village is a meandering south east of the river, the other three sides are all lush tree forest.  Locust tree forest big enough to have thousands of acres of land.Drought-resistant tree, planted on the sand dunes, growth is very slow, its dark green crown a distance, like a thick cloud group.Acacia trees on the sand dunes of varying thickness, are sized like thick, thick arms like there, just grow more like thin as chopsticks.They thirty-three or rows, or twenty-two accompanied with upstanding sky with sloping rather long, occasional small branches break the trunk towering mother’s arms, teasing out elongated.  I remember as a child, locust tree forest is the main place for us to play.Shangsan about the two partners in the deep quiet of huailin then ran it danced.The foot is soft sand, sky and green is above, setting of the sun through the leaves mottled spot, a light breeze blowing on the sand, leaves rustling, the spot on the sand with the wind child jumping.In the sand, greeted all yellow, soft sand, soil Pass a five-step, ten steps a hill.You can wander barefoot in the sand, feeling the dough feet buried in the sand in the comfortable; you can sit on the sand, grab a handful of sand, watching sand slowly falling from your fingers crevices; sometimes goofed long time, tired, homeopathic lying on the tree below, close your eyes and do a dream, until they called the parents woke to eat.  Spring, Ash early emerge yellow and green, the first buds out a little, a little yellow green children.Leaves grow slowly, small oval leaves soon covered the entire sky, a next one, then a one, you squeeze my hold, close hellos.  Summer, Ash settled to spend the season.In early summer, the leaves become dark green tree, leafless pregnant with their flowers.Slowly, the tree branches and some early anxious child has exposed its white bud of Sophora japonica, green with yellow buds, not yet wrapped in white flowers opening.Little flowers adorn children in the middle of the dark green foliage, blooming in the night sky as the stars of the dolphin, really Qiba.  When wheat is about to mature, SJ went to the maturity of its.SJ is the growth of clusters of a dozen centimeters elongated flexible strip of a treaty, the top covered with tiny bud children.Ilex white Sophora hanging string of a string of one tree branches above, the weight of branches doubled.This time, from a distance, overlooking huailin, I saw a snow-white wonderful world of dark green and white, the wind swept, SJ undulating like the waves.Bursts of fragrance nostrils and pleasant heart, close your eyes, feel a very refreshing, immersive wonderland.  Sophora japonica fragrance attracted bees.They dance around the flower children, some several forces in play on a string, and some flying alone on it, looking for the most delicious food sweetest fruit.This season, several beekeepers from the outside began to busy up.They Ash dense, SJ full of trees, beehives word children arranged, to catch the tent, support a good drum, began a bee.Bees also target children play, they gathered around a beehive, twitter asked non-stop, even though he kept beekeepers explain the children not to touch the bees, but the curious nature of innocence so that children constantly think of ways these catch the shuttle in the woods of bees.Live catch is not good, get some to death.Just put a dead bee on hand, to see who pick up much.Surprisingly, some bees is not completely dead, but passed out and woke up in the hands of a harsh sting on one, and then we cried and ran home.Beekeepers bee side, while income honey, get busy during the day and industrious bees, lying in a tent at night and enjoy the quiet surroundings with fragrance.Wait until the end of flowering, every household in the village will be assigned a number of pure honey Huaihua.  SJ intoxicating impressive, does not end its fragrance.Whenever this season, the village people started picking up Huaihua.When not wait Huaihua completely open, still in bud bud stage, people began to eat the Huaihua.Child mischievously climb to cut a branch section, with old people pick up the mast sickle, branches off to get off the hook.This time of Huaihua the best food, or fried or deep-fried.After scouring the net just picked these buds, with flour, and then into a paste, a layer of edible vegetable oil pot brush, the bottom of the pot SJ stalls thin layer of batter, forming is started to be ambiguous, you can turn a face , pause a golden yellow, a pancake SJ (we called soup children) on the pan.Sophora japonica fragrance plus mixed with hot oil Jiao Xiang, we have to lure these children clapped his hands to eat.Gently bite, feel soft and delicate fragrance, fragrant, gorgeous.  Sophora japonica bloom time, is about to wheat harvest season, every household to prepare the wheat harvest.At that time, every noon, every household will rise on top of the kitchen curling smoke, the smell of smoke was still brimming with the pancake stalls Huaihua.This time, the village filled with happy laughter everywhere, full of the joy of the upcoming harvest everywhere.  Sophora japonica feeding is good, but there is a thorn acacia trees.Thorn acacia trees very straight, very sharp, very dense, dark brown, old tree thorns grow on hard and sharp, not too long, and grow new small tree branches above the thorn is very long, but not too sharp.When children play in the woods, I can be the new bar tender sting, but this will not affect the children playing in the woods mood; when picking Sophora japonica on the tree, the slightest mistake, that then dives into the tiny spikes in the flesh, but also off on the inside, after down, the adults will use a needle to light for the locust thorn singled out.  Ash likes the sand, grows best in the sand.Around several villages do not have this tree.Whenever this season, there will be people from either the neighboring village to eat some Huaihua, looking to have some acquaintances in the past, as delicious treasures.When the five Dragon Boat Festival in May, when a string of relatives, in addition to the string of a string of fritters, SJ can say is essential to our village to come up with gifts to the.  Eyeful of locust tree forest, white garden trees Sophora japonica, is to eat eat and eat people put SJ dried, loaded up with bags in a cool place, reserved for winter food bags child.Sophora japonica flowering period is very short, which is about ten days.Flowering is over, they Huaihua rustled down, shining white sand, this time, people put them cleaned up, hoard feeding cattle and sheep.  Late autumn is approaching, locust tree leaves began to turn yellow, with the swing autumn, the rustling falling, golden yellow leaves covered in one place.This time, the fields of wheat sowing has been completed, the late autumn crops are also harvested warehousing.Nothing farm work, and people began to sweep the leaves of the tree.Take the diligent old broom early in the morning, before the leaves in many places on a sweeping circle, put a large ring up fallen leaves, later let people know that this has already been accounted for fallen leaves.Each household cleaning these leaves to go back to use as firewood for cooking fires, or winter feeding of cattle and sheep fodder.  The late eighties, families are also living in the old mud house, there are not many tile-roofed house of people, young people at that time not yet out of work practices, the whole nest at home with nothing to do, to stay the winter on a slide under the warm sun.  I do not know which day, people began to use homemade clay bricks, stacks of good adobe code, then burn a kiln, you can build a house.Then build a house with all-wood rafters still.At this time, people think the forest edge of the village of Ash.  At that time every night, someone took a saw, an ax to cut down locust grove of acacia trees as thick arms, one, two.A tree cut just twenty-three rafters, fine finished cutting, to cut thick, coarse break open with.As well as the beginning of the village captain tube, then no one go to the tube, they cut down more and more people, fewer trees, no two circumstances, both sides of the dunes on the bare.  Not so the planted saplings, people began to use sand to fill the pit.A radius of a few village people, places whenever there is a need soil, have to find someone to transport sand village, one, two, one, two, round dunes anymore.  Captain of the village did not have any choice but to level the land distributed to the population by the time of each household.  Land to plant crops than before, but every time the wind is strong, there is no forest cover locust tree village dusty, mouth, people always feel some uncomfortable presence of sand.More people each year Sophora japonica blossom season, looking around Huaihua, Huaihua want to smell the aroma drift, SJ product a product of savory pancakes.  Oh, there is a locust tree every period of her childhood, each string Sophora japonica have a bunch of childhood memories.(Three Wo)

Ash flowers

Ash unique flowers grown on the Loess Plateau neighborhood artificial tree together often appear in the horizon that doddering footer bar though towering blocks out the sun, but left out the side in people’s minds no one is interested in standing silent in the mountains and, ditch low-lying area against the wind, but it can serve hot invasion chic appearance, feel comfortable spring and summer blooming flower after the dark clouds of suffering people generally feel it as beautiful spring summon proud, stiff body somewhere flexion reveals spirituality unknowingly buds spit delicate little leaves still hanging next string of white and light yellow buds is like a bud that only just been hatched females hatch the number of columns arranged in neat to swagger with green leaves in the star point nice and warm sunshine that could not block the Wind dancing that is not pure white petals little Swan in the intoxicating rhythm of dancing that dance it?Floral bursts, such as glycol refreshing collection of wine for several years into the great joy of the people took nautical miles forget Lawton sad forget hunger gourmet soft wind blows, the clouds of smoke pouring moonlight, snow, frost, although Ash low-key existence, but it is a valuable life highlight the inherent ordinary profound philosophy of the great eagle May long grass season is the season of colorful flowers more than a love, more able to comprehend the true meaning of life a little!

Ash flower

He wrote hometown of poplar, willow and elm, but I have not written it home in style Ash.Think of Ash, my mind will emerge out of Ilex Ilex fragrance of the pure light of the locust tree flowers.That gorgeous charming Huaihua rain, floating ah float, carpeted with all the travel I frequently look back fondly.On this fragrant way, as if I had dreams of home, as if I can not wait to set foot on a piece of the way home.    I said, my hometown in Northeast beautiful and vast Great Plains, but I did not say that, the one that nourished my naive village, in the spring and early summer season, the sea of flowers.Rather, it is the ocean Huaihua blossom.This unique sea of flowers, is not placed on the earth, but in full bloom in the air.Those countless white charming Huaihua, supports the weight of the Yi Keke tall acacia trees flourish in the warm and sunny late spring, they are scrambling to pour out sultry soul plume Fang Xin.So this may not look like the northern village, there is a different kind of vivid, scenery and atmosphere.    Ash standing in the road on both sides of the village, in the spring on a completely changed its appearance.In blowing burst after burst of spring, each a bare tree come down, he spits out the first piece of verdant green of new leaves.When the leaves Mimizaza packed canopy umbrella, as if overnight, those beautiful white Huaihua opened out, the rough was so open, warm and brilliant!That person plume of fragrance overflow curl, in the village of infiltration and filled with warmth, no wonder this fragrance of spring, even the little face when the kids are laughing dreaming of it!Early next morning, the village boys girls, they involuntarily appears under the big tree, with a clean both the inquisitive eyes, searching for a canopy that whirring whirring of Huaihua.Innumerable Huaihua, lies deep among the dense foliage, it was a breeze blowing, as girlish sheepishly shy of revealing a picture of feminine face to.The village naughty boys, can climb like a monkey large poplars and willows, also can climb on Elm Elm hand picking money to eat.But they will not easily climb the tree, like with the assassination of roses.Sam Ash branches branches covered with small assassination of taxes, too easy, those sharp assassination will be pierced the palm of your hand.But they are curious about the locust tree covered with white flowers.More curious is the village girls, they use a pure surprise both eyes, he looked out from a string of exploration between the leaves and desire can not, and attractive Huaihua.The beauty of the nature of the girls, how they want to adopt next few strings beautiful flower tree, then flattered in her hair, allowed itself to be complacent in the spring air and the aroma of the acacia trees of the United States!There are all sorts of weird girls, brought from home a long pole with a hook, hold high the canopy, to hook those dazzling flower tree.Really hook under several string tree flower girls fighting landed on the ground, hastened inserted in his hair, as charming flower floating.Then like a charming little fairy-like laugh together.Yi Keke tall sturdy tree in full blossom, not only attracted the village children, but also attracted flocks of birds chirping melody.These lovely birds bounce, probably not enough for their own a flower clothes are beautiful enough of it?They jump between Mimizaza flowers, enjoy talking about the sweet and clear the birds.Some are obvious in the warm fragrant canopy in romance.Deep spring bees more eager, their crowds flew into the village, flew into the dense tree canopy and huge in.These hard-working and dedicated bee, probably already smell the aroma of locust tree blossom comes out of it?They are busy enjoying this rare delicacy, accompanied by the twittering of birds and the ups and downs, this huge boom of Bo Shuguan years, it’s increasingly crowded and the din.Ash blossom season in a romantic, as if rain was particularly also under ground.Those getting warm spring breeze and warm, charming them on every one of Ash Da Zhezhuan children, Loving the squirming, a long time refused to leave.Transparent soft spring rain, burst after burst of spring is to pull come, they affectionately kissed each string of Huaihua in full bloom.No wonder that the rhythm of the rain, also has taken an aroma one soul it!    Ash flowering is very short, ten days or twenty days?People do not accurately calculating too.The village people just know that when a tree a tree Sophora japonica silently dying, happy and hot summer is coming.Then walk in the village wet trail, looked up and looked at each locust tree are gone white light trace of Huaihua, most of them have seed, not a small part were blown down wind and rain off the ground.Some children SJ picked up a string of falls on the road, leaned hard nose sniffing, it ruins the Huaihua but there are still fishes continuously refused to dissipate fragrance.Ash finished home, home that snow white finish Sophora japonica, have a heart unspeakable moved with great accuracy and spring-like warmth.In the upcoming spring night a foreign land, I should be able to that dream by flowers, floral bursts tight cluster of acacia trees flower.Ripples move in this sea of flowers, I will embark on spring graceful journey to my old hometown desire flew away.1650 words

Ascend from injury

– Chung Yeung Festival reflections between the two, I said I saw you near the micro-channel you want to hold almost impossible.    Between the two places, vehicle and pedestrian road stuffed with goose messenger is having to pay commission.  Most of his life a great time for drinking Otherwise, the body is too thin dried up the Red Chamber Dream poem or delivery of the remaining leisure Tang, very thick large map of Inner Mongolia, cold cold wind still prefer Jining Qingcheng?  When the rain came down when I had no idea at the last point to enjoy the autumn this year.    I stood on the highest point of Tiger Hill, exceptionally fragrant osmanthus no hunger and cold, and look forward to tomorrow night, only the blind and insist on endurance.    From the mountains to the foot of the mountain almost no one elegant turn was still raining, I did not fall sore and I have not yet completed imagined: Nanjing motor car ride back from Qingcheng set

Another heavy files released!Determine the price trend!These people want to violence

Another heavy files released!Determine the price trend!To these people the riches Introduction Recently, the Central Document No. 2018 published, which in addition to involving rural revitalization strategy, also involving the sale of rural homestead problems.This is the first 15 working with agriculture as the theme of the new century, a central file.  (A) the contents of the central document covered a lot of analysis we extract three points: Point 1: Leave the room and give the green light for the migrant.Central document made it clear that settled into the city to maintain farmers’ land contract rights, land use right, the collective income distribution right.Paper has also proposed to guide the farmers into the city settled in accordance with the law voluntarily paid the transfer of such interest.  Point 2: For city people to rural areas zoned red line to buy a house.Central document suggested that moderate deregulation and homestead farmers’ right to use houses.Document also pointed out that strictly prohibit the use of the countryside villa rural homestead building courtyard and a private clubhouse.Central Agricultural Office main Renhan Jun said, this is not to let the city people to rural areas to buy a home, but to make farmers become idle housing support development of rural tourism, pension and other industries.  Point 3: The file contains three milestones rural revitalization.  Rural revitalization of the party and the country’s grand strategy is a long-term historic task, is both a tough fight a protracted war.File as far coarse near fine principles, objectives and tasks of the three stages of the implementation of rural revitalization strategy made arrangements.  These three objectives and tasks are: to 2020, rural revitalization has made important progress, the basic formation of the institutional framework and policy system; 2035, rural revitalization of decisive progress, the basic realization of modernization of agriculture and rural areas; by 2050, the overall revitalization of rural, strong agriculture in all rural beauty, rich farmers.  Foresight to create opportunities, to seize the opportunity slowest learners, who unwittingly lose the opportunity.2018 Central Document No. unleashed two signals: First, the farmers into the city to further protect the rights and interests, house prices increased uncertainty; schedule on the other, rural revitalization mention a large number of rural tourism, pension and other industries in the ascendant.  (B) As we all know, a city or a region’s real estate market continues to be long-term stable development, the population is indeed a key factor.Only a growing population, in order to create new housing demand.  For a second-tier cities north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hangzhou, because the concentration of resources, both in basic population growth trend in net.But for some three hundred forty-five tier cities, population growth will be a lot of pressure, in order to increase the population, a large part of the population depends on agriculture turned into urban population, which is a necessary part of town.  In the past, agricultural population into urban population turn, would mean the farmers to give up their rights, such as homestead in the rural land contract rights, etc..Therefore, this suppresses the enthusiasm of farmers into the city to a certain extent.The central document just released a number of rights and interests of farmers into the city after the problem has been clearly defined, even if farmers settled into the city, interest in the land contract rights enjoyed by its original, land use right, such as the right of collective income distribution continue to enjoy, and can be legally paid voluntary transfer, which will stimulate the farmers into the city to buy a house to settle down to some extent, to provide the necessary support to three hundred forty-five line to the city’s inventory.  And this will be in 2018 or the real estate market trends have a profound impact on the ups and downs of prices has also ushered in great uncertainty.  (C) these people to riches!  Central document presented is strictly prohibited the use of the countryside villa rural homestead building courtyard and a private clubhouse.This is not to let the city people to rural areas to buy a home, but to make farmers become idle housing support development of rural tourism, pension and other industries.  Furthermore, rural revitalization of the three phases goal is clear, the next few years, will be the good old days of rural development.  In other words: in the future, not necessarily farmers into the city, as long as you have the ability, in local hands and feet can also play big money!  Ice-breaking system has begun, the influx of capital has.Industrial scale has become an important driving factor in the acceleration of agricultural transformation.Opportunities in the agricultural industry are emerging in the national economic restructuring and policy background to support the agriculture, a large number of social capital into the agricultural sector.  Said that for decades let some people get rich, there is now more accurate to say: Let some get rich farmers and blue-collar.And now the appropriate policies and institutions have already begun, and soon we will crush farmers to become.As a world-class investment guru James Rogers put it: the next 20 years, the most profitable real estate industry is not doing, but do farmers!  (D) For many long out stranger, the old home, is himself an everlasting home.In either hard, as long as the house is still old, you always have an escape route, there is a sustenance.  If the struggle for many years, but no home in the house, it becomes a rootless grass, soul sustenance nowhere.  Although people moved into the city, but the family is not move.As long as the old house still, there is time to go back and look, the family can reunite them, or complete.  If the house is gone, family gone, the family of light, that is how much money can not buy back.  Mountain rural good, good water, air or, endless fields, make us feel comfortable, small flowers of spring, summer, gold-head, busy fall scene, the white winter.  Throughout the year has a different world, all year round breathtaking scenery.  There is no busy high-rise buildings, no people suspicion competitive pressure.Some of chilly mountain water, some fragrant flowers.Some of cicadas birds fruitful, some honest feelings steaming.  And her favorite Xiangyixiangwei, a tea and a meal, a dish a porridge, that’s all, so very good.  There is a yard, plant some vegetables, raise some chickens, backyard grape frame with boiling tea under the shed, a little rest on the couch, and old friends get together.  Nothing sun, tends spare the fruits, though not much land, but what are available, eat apples and oranges, eggplant and beans, as well as a few dwarf strawberries.  Pets want to keep to keep, do not worry about disturbing, some yard and let them to rummage, small animals wanted to run and run, free Huan off.Live here, every day is a joy, without waiting for a holiday in order to experience life.  Flowers are the way to go all the way, whether it is sunny, day or evening, it makes life more flavor.  I am old, they returned to the countryside, this place is all a dream start.This long I most miss longing, do not go there to pull the root, there can not forget the love.  Remember, we must stay suites in the home!  Source: Xinhua News Agency, said the room is easy bucket, financial and other parameters Click below to read the original text, browse more exciting content.