Ash flower

极速赛车公式 He wrote hometown of poplar, willow and elm, but I have not written it home in style Ash.Think of Ash, my mind will emerge out of Ilex Ilex fragrance of the pure light of the locust tree flowers.That gorgeous charming Huaihua rain, floating ah float, carpeted with all the travel I frequently look back fondly.On this fragrant way, as if I had dreams of home, as if I can not wait to set foot on a piece of the way home.    I said, my hometown in Northeast beautiful and vast Great Plains, but I did not say that, the one that nourished my naive village, in the spring and early summer season, the sea of flowers.Rather, it is the ocean Huaihua blossom.This unique sea of flowers, is not placed on the earth, but in full bloom in the air.Those countless white charming Huaihua, supports the weight of the Yi Keke tall acacia trees flourish in the warm and sunny late spring, they are scrambling to pour out sultry soul plume Fang Xin.So this may not look like the northern village, there is a different kind of vivid, scenery and atmosphere.    Ash standing in the road on both sides of the village, in the spring on a completely changed its appearance.In blowing burst after burst of spring, each a bare tree come down, he spits out the first piece of verdant green of new leaves.When the leaves Mimizaza packed canopy umbrella, as if overnight, those beautiful white Huaihua opened out, the rough was so open, warm and brilliant!That person plume of fragrance overflow curl, in the village of infiltration and filled with warmth, no wonder this fragrance of spring, even the little face when the kids are laughing dreaming of it!Early next morning, the village boys girls, they involuntarily appears under the big tree, with a clean both the inquisitive eyes, searching for a canopy that whirring whirring of Huaihua.Innumerable Huaihua, lies deep among the dense foliage, it was a breeze blowing, as girlish sheepishly shy of revealing a picture of feminine face to.The village naughty boys, can climb like a monkey large poplars and willows, also can climb on Elm Elm hand picking money to eat.But they will not easily climb the tree, like with the assassination of roses.Sam Ash branches branches covered with small assassination of taxes, too easy, those sharp assassination will be pierced the palm of your hand.But they are curious about the locust tree covered with white flowers.More curious is the village girls, they use a pure surprise both eyes, he looked out from a string of exploration between the leaves and desire can not, and attractive Huaihua.The beauty of the nature of the girls, how they want to adopt next few strings beautiful flower tree, then flattered in her hair, allowed itself to be complacent in the spring air and the aroma of the acacia trees of the United States!There are all sorts of weird girls, brought from home a long pole with a hook, hold high the canopy, to hook those dazzling flower tree.Really hook under several string tree flower girls fighting landed on the ground, hastened inserted in his hair, as charming flower floating.Then like a charming little fairy-like laugh together.Yi Keke tall sturdy tree in full blossom, not only attracted the village children, but also attracted flocks of birds chirping melody.These lovely birds bounce, probably not enough for their own a flower clothes are beautiful enough of it?They jump between Mimizaza flowers, enjoy talking about the sweet and clear the birds.Some are obvious in the warm fragrant canopy in romance.Deep spring bees more eager, their crowds flew into the village, flew into the dense tree canopy and huge in.These hard-working and dedicated bee, probably already smell the aroma of locust tree blossom comes out of it?They are busy enjoying this rare delicacy, accompanied by the twittering of birds and the ups and downs, this huge boom of Bo Shuguan years, it’s increasingly crowded and the din.Ash blossom season in a romantic, as if rain was particularly also under ground.Those getting warm spring breeze and warm, charming them on every one of Ash Da Zhezhuan children, Loving the squirming, a long time refused to leave.Transparent soft spring rain, burst after burst of spring is to pull come, they affectionately kissed each string of Huaihua in full bloom.No wonder that the rhythm of the rain, also has taken an aroma one soul it!    Ash flowering is very short, ten days or twenty days?People do not accurately calculating too.The village people just know that when a tree a tree Sophora japonica silently dying, happy and hot summer is coming.Then walk in the village wet trail, looked up and looked at each locust tree are gone white light trace of Huaihua, most of them have seed, not a small part were blown down wind and rain off the ground.Some children SJ picked up a string of falls on the road, leaned hard nose sniffing, it ruins the Huaihua but there are still fishes continuously refused to dissipate fragrance.Ash finished home, home that snow white finish Sophora japonica, have a heart unspeakable moved with great accuracy and spring-like warmth.In the upcoming spring night a foreign land, I should be able to that dream by flowers, floral bursts tight cluster of acacia trees flower.Ripples move in this sea of flowers, I will embark on spring graceful journey to my old hometown desire flew away.1650 words