Chinese New Year Legend

极速赛车公式 According to legend, many years ago, at a given Yangshan beautiful, there is a village not too large.On the hillside village, there are small stone house, there lived a young man named years of.His family is poor, to dig firewood drugs for a living.Then Seasonal mess, which makes the farmer can not farm.Years is a scheming young people, trying to determined the seasons.But where to start it?One day, years firewood up the hill, sitting under a tree to rest, moving shadows inspired him, and he made a sundial, shadow measured to calculate the length of the day.However, the days of fog, rain clouds overcast, impact test in mind, he wanted to do with a timer, to make up for lack of good sundial.That day, he dug up the mountain medicine, came to the fountain to drink water, cliff spring rhythmic ticking ringing, caught his attention.He looked out of the springs of God, he thought for a while, back home, drew a picture, tried, made a five clepsydra.Since then, he measured shadows, looking leaking, diligent.Slowly, he found every over three hundred and sixty days, the length of days will repeat from the beginning.The shortest day of the winter solstice.Then the emperor called Zu.Seasonal disorders, so that he was in a hurry to convene Baiguan, North Korea proposed because of seasonal disorders.Seasonal officer Jiao Eheng, he did not know the law of the sun and moon, and said that people do things inadvertently offended the gods, only the devout kneeling offering, to get on God’s forgiveness.Zu Yi Su vegetarian bathing, led Baiguan worship to the Temple of Heaven, and Chuanyu the country, to establish the station Heaven.But by offering to sacrifice, but not effective, seasonal still chaos, the people around the altar in order to build and was in service, but also come to donate, really bitter bile mixed berberine bitter Canada.Years, could not, he took his sundial and the clepsydra to see the emperor.Wannian met with the emperor, said the winter solstice, the sun and the moon to speak operating cycle.Zu Yi listening, joyful hearts, and even if massive construction projects, the construction of the Temple of Heaven before the sun and the moon Pavilion, built on the sundial table, making the clepsydra Pavilion.Myths and legends story 3 – couplets – in the first month – New Year Story.Has allocated twelve boy keep clepsydra, meticulously recording, time report.One day, Ah Heng to let the sun and the moon Zu Yi Ge Inquiry System calendar, the calendar years pointing to the grass, said: three hundred sixty sunrise and sunset, to start from scratch again and again.Vegetation Coorong points four seasons, years of a twelve round.Ah Heng a deep sleep rational, mind uneasy.He thought to himself: If the seasons determined the years, the emperor delighted, reuse of years, who listen to me Ah Heng?Ah Heng think, ah think ah, wants to get rid of years.Ah Heng inquire about a day and shooting assassin, sent people to go home, put on the banquet of wine, explain why, promised to re-gift.Assassin promised to go assassinate night.Days to pay two drums, left the assassin to take advantage of revelry Ah Heng, ran to the sun and the moon Court.Persevering around the Temple of Heaven, the moon and you have strictly guards, assassins can not be near to, bow and arrow to shoot to the moon and a positive view of astrology Court of years to go.Who knows assassin because drinking too much, the eyes grow dim, Arrows only shot in the arm years.Oops years soon fell to the ground, all the boy agony Nazei.Guards who heard the cry, deployed together, caught the assassin, to see emperor twist.Zu ask the truth, heralds the Ah Heng received a prison, personally boarded the eviction Sun and Moon House visit years.Years was very moved, pointing to the Shanghai Star said: Shanghai Star caught up with silkworm hundred stars, astrology recovery, night cross midnight, the old year has been completed, time and beginning of spring, hope the emperor set a section of it.Zu Yi said: spring for the beginning of the year, it is called Spring Festival.Aiqing cabinet, III contains no, Piganlidan to quasi-full moon made a lunar calendar, the work is really high moral weight.Aiqing now being crafty plot, and nursed it with me to the palace.Wannian said: lunar calendar, although embryonic, but not very accurate, drew to a close has left the drip hour.When this is not such a leap into the tail end of the year, Riyuerusuo.Over the past calendar will wrong.Robinson negative beings hoped, by the grace of the emperor, willing obsessed sun and the moon Court, plus fine projections, the calendar determined the grass.In this way, the Court of years in the sun and the moon, carefully observe the vegetation wheat beans of ups and downs, well-deduction, the Integrated Day into a month leap into it when the tail end of the year.That May, Zu-line offering to the Temple of Heaven, the festival gods strike, they boarded the sun and the moon pavilion, the May peaches ritual given years.Offer lunar calendar years, worked hard day and night looking at Zu years, white eyebrow too, must be white, deeply moved, put the lunar calendar named calendar, but also for the sun and the moon birthday sealing years.So, then it is also known as the Spring Festival years, often during the New Year’s birthday chart to hang in the house, a symbol of New Year Tim Ting, in order to send to nostalgia for the years of high German heavy work.