Chinese New Year special memories: “a conundrum.”

极速赛车公式 [REVIEW] in the new warehouse area in 1948 is also such a thing happened, when he was a teenager, he was very clear memory of seeing things Yinbing 1949 new warehouse was liberated, and later he saw explanation Why do thousands of books, this phenomenon is reflected UV.  Time flies!In a few days will the Lunar New Year, which is the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, in order to let more people know the fifteenth day of the first month in mid-1936, in Shanghai and Zhejiang Jinshan eastern border areas, have occurred I had such a hard thing to break.    There are former southern sixties one kind of customs, is the fifteenth day of the evening, each child will be holding a straw lit torches, singing along the ridge ran: “burning wax child!Burning wax child!This year the field is not long tares!”Intended to have a good harvest this year, this habit has been in effect until before the Cultural Revolution, to the south since I have played several times after.    But the old people told me: “in 1936 fifteenth night about about 8:00, families burn wax child in the field when the sky southeast direction, suddenly a lightning light after (Jinshan Zhang Bridge area can see lightning, the new warehouse area not see the kingdom) from heaven many so-called ‘Yinbing’ these ‘Yinbing’ can only see the lower body, no head and hands, lower body is very clear, the pace is very clear, ‘Yinbing’ team very large, and is lined up, the horse sounds and footsteps very loud and clear.    People on this phenomenon terrified, and everyone regarded copper bowl, beat feet out Zhuangwei lid, these so-called ‘Yinbing’ away from east to west, the march of time a full half an hour , but you can only see ‘Yinbing’ on the other side of the ridge own not see. “.    I am deeply interested in this matter, 61 Chinese New Year I once asked my grandmother, she told me is true, but Zhang bridge at that time it was the temple of the Buddha are carried to the threshing floor, in our region, our last generation of people see this phenomenon, and most of my peers who have heard about it.    I asked the teacher had the students experienced this thing right when studying new positions, the teacher said’ve seen, but said: “It is a natural phenomenon, is a reflection of the moon, it would appear under certain conditions” Obviously the teacher is not quite satisfactory, the most difficult to explain is the cry of a horse and a large number of footsteps, and seen people say is the sound of shoes.    It appears sound in the mountains ravine is possible, because some sounds may be absorption under certain conditions and release recordings mine, but in the plains is unlikely, and as it appears in the night lightning is also possible, but I I asked a beautiful day.    Because I have heard two guards Forbidden City in Beijing in mid-1956 people, in a thunderstorm in the evening to see, there are two ladies holding a platter of peaches and walked to the palace, but this is not surprising, because lightning do in starting with.I am most not to think is: “This happened in 1936, that is, in 1937 following the year of November 5, the Japanese landed in Jinshan, does God want to predict the Japanese landed here and with ‘Yinbing’ to inform the local people, I think there are too many in the mystery of the world we live in we went to Discovery, the world we live in was fantastic.    I want to add that in 2009, I went to see the new warehouse had already retired secretary large commune, I brought up the matter, he told me: in mid-1948 the new warehouse area is also such a thing happened, At that time he was a teenager, his memory is very clear to see Yinbing things, a new position in mid-1949 was liberated, and later he saw the explanation Why do thousands of books, this phenomenon is reflected UV.    But I do not think so, why “appeared in mid-1936 Yinbing, the Japanese mid-1937 will be in Jinshan landing, appeared Yinbing mid-1948, mid-1949 the region was liberated, and a large number of People’s Liberation Army marching to Hangzhou followed by the liberation of the whole territory of Zhejiang “I think everything is difficult to solve the mystery.