Chinese people remember the animated film “learn” Disney

极速赛车公式 As an enterprise with nearly a hundred years of history, good at Disney “story” to attract a global audience through a story and a touching movie, created a lifelike animated characters and a.In recent years, “Frozen”, “Super Marines” and “Crazy Animal City,” and so a big success.   By the Chinese State Administration of Radio Film Board of Press and Publication and the Walt Disney Company co-organized plan, China front-line employees in the United States to participate in the animation “Chinese animation filmmaker seminar” campaign, which is the third consecutive year Disney animation talent to the United States the exchange of learning Chinese activity.   Xinhua News Agency reporters Gao Shan and Zhu Liya?Pierpont “Super Marines” producer, Oscar winner Roy?Conley by shooting “we were born in China,” learned more about China and Chinese culture, and Chinese filmmakers and forged a profound friendship.”I fell in love with China, we are looking forward to be able to go to China for cooperation.”Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios chief creative officer, John twice Oscar-winning?Lasseter think the movie has a “good story is the most important” good story must be able to impress the audience, while unpredictable.Join in the story charismatic characters, and the story and characters into a resonated with her audience, reflect the real world to some extent on the context of the movie, the story is to ensure that the elements of success.New technologies and tools are used to serve storytelling.   Infante, vice president of Shenzhen Huaqiang Culture Technology Group Shanglin Lin said that the Disney hear talk about how to tell a good story, so that Chinese filmmakers systematically understand the whole process works Disney, how to tell a good Chinese story, tradition Chinese culture profound inspiration.   Disney sent heavyweights Disney’s Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios and the exchange of Chinese filmmakers, Beijing’s top ten supernatural events, they seminar on the theme “story” is, for the Chinese counterparts about how the world of Disney the audience say “good story”.   He stressed that the success of the film requires both inspire people’s creativity, but also a complete mechanism for health.Disney set up to include all director and screenwriter, including the “story think tank”, “think tank” of equality can discuss and exchange views freely, eventually come up with a “best version” of the story.   26, when 14 Chinese people in the animated film Disney at the conference room in Los Angeles Burbank seated, waiting for them is another day compact course.   Shanghai Animation Film Studio, deputy general manager Chen Bo said that the close contact with Disney to help people understand and learn Chinese film practices in the United States advanced animation industry, “can not copy, but food for thought.”.For the Shanghai Animation Film Studio such an old state-owned enterprises, how to complete the film while maintaining the “spiritual core” of innovation, how to inspire a new generation of Chinese filmmakers to create new animated history is helpful.   Chinese Young animation director Shu Jie believe that China and animators face to face deepened the mutual understanding between the Chinese and American filmmakers, expect more of these in the future China-US humanities exchanges.   In the week-long exchange, the Disney movie for the Chinese people a comprehensive introduction to specific workflow development concept and management structure Animation Studios, the “Super Marines” and “Ocean Romance” and other cartoons as an example, a detailed share the creation and production process, a vivid demonstration of a good story, a good animated the whole process of birth.   Kate Mu encourage learning experience Chinese Disney animation talent, but “do not simply repeat what we have done”, but to play Chinese filmmakers intelligence, combined with new technologies, to develop their own creative path.   Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios president Ed?Kate Mu said that the secret of success lies in the Disney good story to have the appropriate cultural context, and cultural background you need to build a rigorous preparation.For example, Disney while shooting in the South Pacific islanders life as the background of “Ocean Romance”, not only invited familiar with the cultural background of sociologists, humanists, but also specifically invited the elders and local fishermen as a consultant.   Andrew, president of Walt Disney Animation Studios?Milstein and Chinese filmmakers had a positive interaction, but also specifically asked Chinese filmmakers to attend the courses What harvest.He told Xinhua News Agency reporters, filmmakers and Chinese cultural exchange activities, help to increase mutual understanding, the two sides can work together to promote the development of animation industry.This will also help the United States the opportunity to exchange their own filmmakers have a more objective understanding.   Xinhua News Agency, Los Angeles, September 27 – Newsletter: “Listen to the story, in order to better tell the story of China” Remember the Chinese animated film people “learn” Disney Hot Offers articles: Domestic overseas TV drama adaptation of “cold case”?Or due to lack of story