Chinese students shocked the United States

极速赛车公式 May 28, 2014, University of Michigan president James Dodd Star award personally signed condolence like praise, memorial plaque posthumously because she alumni Xiao Jing and Chinese students killed Duxian Ru as an honorary doctorate, and the establishment of a permanent campus the memorial plaque.Duxian Ru was born in Feixi Town officials in Anhui Province, the home was the fourth eldest, he is the youngest son of the family, but family pride.From the Master of Engineering, Beijing University of Electronic Science and Technology Communication graduate, Duxian Ru as a visiting scholar identity, he went to the University of Michigan-Dearborn academic exchanges.The next year Duxian Ru officially entered the School of Engineering and Computer Science doctoral degree, because outstanding, the school’s research supervisor offer full tuition sponsorship to him.The most precious thing in life is to give, is quietly pay.Duxian Ru not only academic excellence, but also helpful, students accustomed to using US telephone call warning him that he will be called 911 from China.Xiao Jing Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, after studying in the United States and Duxian Ru ordinary alumni, usually less dealings.In a recent practice, the Xiao Jing encountered a lot of trouble, causing her mood is very depressed.Duxian Ru though he is very busy, but still took time and patience to enlighten encouraged her: Do not avoid the hardships of life, all experience is valuable asset.The road of life is still very long, I hope you can remove the pressure, he came out of the trouble in as soon as possible, study hard, happy life.Even Duxian Ru earnest persuasion, Xiao Jing is also a rare release from the depressed.May 13, in the school lab busy for a long time, Duxian Ru ushered in a brief afternoon rest time, you can make yourself completely relaxed down.Take advantage of the opportunity to rest at noon, Xiao Jing again Duxian Ru to a nearby school Ruggie riverside walk.It did not take long before she walked suddenly thought, almost all her friends for her to worry about, while they always get out of trouble.Unable to withstand the pressures, eventually Xiao Jing mysteriously jumping into a river to make a choice, hoping to solve the troubles of death.When Duxian Ru do not pay attention, jump jump Rulu Ji Xiao Jing River, struggling in the water up.Ruggie perennial fast-flowing river, undercurrent throughout, when coupled with the current for several days under heavy rain, prompting the river water level rise, no matter how Xiao Jing efforts have not only failed to climb out of the river, but quickly drifted into the depths of the river, the situation is extremely dangerous.See things extraordinarily bad, Duxian Ru regardless of personal safety, quickly undressed ready to jump into the water to rescue.Xiao Jing continue to drift away, he had tried to catch up.Catch in the rapids of the river more than 40 meters, finally caught Duxian Ru Xiao Jing, and haul towards the shore, looking forward to be able to save her young life.The unconscious onto the shore of Xiao Jing, and she will go all out onto the river bank, Duxian Ru fatigue was not the slightest effort, suddenly fell in the water, unfortunately washed away by rushing water.Xiao Jing found out of danger, Duxian Ru was raging rivers mercilessly swallowed, passers-by immediately call alarm call.After receiving the alarm, the local Dearborn police and professional diving search and rescue personnel, the water immediately mobilized search and rescue boats, helicopters rushed to the scene to conduct search and rescue efforts.Because there is no search for any trace Duxian Ru, so the departments involved in the search of growing gradually, Michigan Police Department, and the US Navy Baywatch, have been put into the search and rescue activities.Departments busy seven days, until at 10:20 on May day search and rescue personnel to find Duxian Ru’s body in the river downstream Ruggie.May 28, the University of Michigan-Dearborn is Duxian Ru held a dignified and solemn memorial service, the Stars and Stripes on campus rare for him to be lowered to half mast.This is the University of Michigan since its establishment, for the first time the death of the student lowered to half.Although it was already during the school summer holidays, but there are still more than 150 teachers and students spontaneously came to the memorial site, the expression of remembrance and memorial Duxian Ru.In the United States the local community and overseas Chinese, the Duxian Ru heroic deeds aroused great concern and shock.Dearborn Police Chief John Hudson Dade to the United States for the funeral of family life rescue prize awarded honorary certificates and medals.Chinese Consulate General in Chicago Consul General Zhao Weiping also sent a personally signed letter of condolence praise, homage.In the letter he wrote: Duxian Ru students in distress to rescue the others sacrificed their precious young lives, showed his bravery and selfless noble character, write a glorious epic of life for the majority of Chinese students set a moral example.