Ching Ming Festival and swing

极速赛车公式 Ching Ming Festival to swing customs, legends from the beginning of the Spring and Autumn Period.  According to legend, Spring and Autumn Period, Jin Gongzai Chong Er to escape persecution and exile, exile on the way, in uninhabited places one, tired and hungry, no longer able to stand up.With the minister for a long time to find not find something to eat, we are very anxious, with Chen Jie went to a secluded spot, cut a piece of flesh from his thigh, let cook a bowl of broth son drank, Chong Er gradually restore the spirit, when Chong Er Jie found that the meat is cut off when his own legs, tears.  Nineteen years later, Chong Er made a monarch, that is, the history of Gong.Gong ascended the throne after heavy reward had accompanied him into exile hero, except forgot Jie.Many people Jie grievance, advised him to face the king to discuss the tour, but the most despised people who Jie power struggle discuss tours.He packed his luggage, with her mother quietly went into seclusion together Mianshan.  After Duke Wen of Jin heard, Mo and shame, personally bring people to please Jie, Jie however, has left home and went Mianshan.Mianshan akin to finding dangerous, wooded, two people find easier said than done, someone offered advice, tie a big swing at the foot of the mountain, sent up above the swing, swing to the highest office, see if I can see meson legs, found none.  Some people offer Mianshan fire from three sides, extract Jie.Large fire all over Mianshan, Jie did not see the figure, after the fire was put out, it was found carrying old mother died Jie has been sitting under an old willow.Gong seeing, wept incessantly.When Zhuanglian found in blood from a hollow tree, which read: “flesh Feng Jun make loyalty, hope lord Chang Ching Ming.”To commemorate Jie, lord ordered this day as the Cold Food Festival.  The second year of Duke Wen Zhong Chen memorial mountaineering, found the old willow death and resurrection.They give old willow is “Ching Ming Liu,” and spoke to the world, the post-Cold Food Festival day as the Ching Ming Festival.  Since then, swinging customs, it has spread so far.  Now, the swing in three, one is the “pull swing”.A buried ground stakes, a safe upper pulleys, with one end of a rope through the pulley, a safety rope hanging board, the other empty head, standing hanging board, their pull the other end of the rope until it pulled up above themselves.Some people stand hanging board, the big rope to his bosom, so pull more secure, high-skill, standing hanging board, the rope behind his back, and then pull the other end of the rope, so pull very dangerous, legs straight, accidentally, it will be a mouth eating places.So, for safety reasons, it is covered under a thick layer of plastic mat.To prepare for any eventuality.  Yet another swing is the “swing round”, with a wooden wheel carts past, one buried in the ground, one on the ground, on top of two pieces of wood sticking out of symmetry, tied sling above.People sat on it, people will turn up around the wheel force.This swing, sitting on top of people, involuntarily, despite following the rotation of the mercy of people, especially the young lady, little daughter, just get on, young man, will shift turn up until you hear a man sitting on top of scare have screamed, the boys did stop gloating, as well as in the above scare the pants of urine, one is a joke.  The third is to use four high wood, each of two upper cross beam above a safe, fasten sling, sling hanging board below a safe, people standing hanging board, force forward swing.It is also called a swing swing.  Swing by there is a strength, and second, to have skills.Most of the girls is to take two people standing face to face hanging board, was pushed hard together, two people began to swing up.Two people to get, hard to be consistent, to unity and cooperation, otherwise, the swing is not up.The men were singled out, myself standing on the top, after being pushed up the people, before and after hard swing.  Some people also many tricks to swing, and I saw a middle-aged man, he Dangzhao Dangzhao to see him around the legs, wrapped in rope swing in a circle, hands are rope swings wrapped in a circle, when the swing to reverberate, I saw his feet up a stick, on top of the whole person turned a full circle.Each time, people will look at swing loud cheers, applause, to show congratulations.  Still others, Dangzhao Dangzhao, he saw the rope on both sides, combined into one, to see people swing quickly turn up at the top.As much as in the circus actor.  Swing is a sport, but also a dangerous activity, when the swing, be careful to avoid the risk of accident to leave the shadow joyous festival.