Ching Ming Festival

极速赛车公式 Ching Ming Festival, a little gloomy sky, whether driving or walking directions everyone always the same cemetery, where our ancestors lived over there rather beautiful scenery, quiet no matter rich or poor is all live in harmony, never quarrel and discrimination lovely than we mankind / lying on the ground was my grandfather I was born strange that he has not enjoyed the affection cents to grandparents and grandchildren of his departure nothing feels everything is about him was from the mouth of their loved ones known for his burning stacks of yellow paper was grateful he brought my father respect him three stick of incense is not devoid of hope filial piety is also hope that the memory of future generations to enjoy / maybe he was looking at me pity but I still feel grave just a ritual a tradition, a culture throughout the cemetery has several real grief?  When the child is willing to filial admiration greetings death at how dust to dust return to the earth’s annual fragrance of a few cone had arrived in a bowl of hot tea, how can the festival alive when the living is better to buy a few yellow paper alive He wants his parents are not staged no longer tragedy