Ching Ming Festival, in the tomb of his father (poems)

极速赛车公式 Raindrops pit-pat sound graves are full of tears if I was a drop of rain father must spring flowers in the pouring thank the mountains of flowers just opened in this wilderness I want to kiss through the gap Huakaihuaxie this capricious wet day if I have to travel a drop of rain in the festival season alone grow into plants a year at his father’s grave drained away tears and rain sky If I were a drop of rain ah we must rely on let me wind parachute landing fall from the sky in his father mound of loess let my throat and into the stomach for a long-lost father looked at the intersection of conversation tombstone tombstone I am familiar face it many years ago, has been looking at the intersection father standing here looking at intersection until my back looking into a puff of smoke many times his father standing here looking at the intersection until my face is now looking into a happy family, the father’s tombstone still standing here I’m back still looking at the intersection of two cypress gravestone two cypress in my father’s grave had planted stand of filial more lean than I cypress leaves in the rain ah wake up the roots, but not long into my heart not grow green spring parent He is still under a tree shade under a tree father also used to read it to two lines of tears poured cypress is the waist to the wind on the branches under the cleanest water deep bow to the cypress growing at April undulating manner and not far distant mountains the spring rainy season is coming Sincerely father smoked a cigarette for a lifetime of poor quality tobacco is the only one oxygen bottle filter to filter out the final coffin was the only sunny day a cigar in his mouth I stroked the face of the mountain rain gravestone I touched my head and lit a cigarette grave gravestone is not yet connected to a gust of wind carrying away smoke cigarettes the same as his father’s life with every minute spent in the burning cigarette burn to stay in their own graves as the I was cured of lung cancer to see a return to a back pain [editor: tree man]