Willful coquetry!Love constellation becomes a small public cited boyfriend

极速赛车公式 www.2chex.com Some contrast in personality constellation of men fall in love before and after the large fall in love, love to talk about field immediately smaller public move, it seems less like older teens with children was like a girlfriend to take care of yourself, then take a look at a love becomes to give the public a small constellation of Pisces Male Pisces male boyfriend fell in love directly into a small public act, especially like with Niwai lover, loved to engage in some romantic, you do not stay together romance, Pisces told you to ignore the angry drum you.If you go in time consolation hug immediately smiled happily bloom, if you really do not care for him, he will be a man down in the corner grievances crying out.  Cancer Male Cancer men seem to take care of your character actually Cancer men in particular, the special needs of various lovers kiss and hug commitments, which comes from the Cancer man deep down sense of insecurity, not self-confidence and love Cancer men in particular do not lead to a stable love like a baby, but also because you want to confirm lovers mind and make some particularly stupid things.  Male lions male lion in front of love in front of you that really is to create a glorious image of majestic, full of macho, very broad shoulders make people feel at ease.But then, just as a kitten after love, every day you turn around, you love and you Meow Meow to sell Meng roll Sahuan, if you do not sell it to him for a while, just like you losing his temper, that is, you have to play with him, it makes great contrast spectacle frames are lost.  Aquarius man Aquarius men in love before and after differences generally are not particularly large, but fell in love sinking heart small bottle of public move was freed the wild, flying in front of you is the self, all kinds of childish side exposed to direct you before, thought of going Zuosa went Zuosa, fly like men, do not know how to take care of themselves and panoramic view of the shortcomings and so careless, really need to take care of his girlfriend’s boyfriend constellation constellation music original article, reprinted need to note Ming source