First, what constellation Iraq?

极速赛车公式 First, what does the constellation Iraq?First, Iraq Zhejiang Satellite TV hostess, film and television actress, she wanted to know what constellation you?Then take a look at a constellation explain it in Iraq!  Iraq First, in July 1989, born on 25 Yongzhou, Leo.Graduated from Zhejiang University of Media, Zhejiang Satellite TV hostess, film and television actress.In mid-2006 by Zhejiang TV director group introduced into practice Zhejiang TV.October 6, 2011, to announce that I love to remember the lyrics debut as host, because of its good at dancing, but is concerned about the audience.Iran hosted a fresh and lively style, is China blue family of “Blue Xuanwu”.Since his debut, he presided over the Zhejiang TV, “I love to remember the lyrics”, “Chinese star jump” and other programs.2013 starred in the first TV drama “Phoenix Peony” and then shot “Good Will Hunting”.Mid-2015 presided over the opening of the first Zhejiang TV variety show “I see you Me”.  2016 Leo has a good momentum of development at work, in terms of wealth also has a good performance.Although the environment is more chaotic and full of uncertainties, but still maintained as long as the courage to pursue bold and innovative spirit, not afraid of gossip, good at grasping the opportunity, even if the difficulties will be solved.Iraq a year as Zhejiang Satellite TV inspirational music review show “China’s new song” host, I believe that the sun can warm the girl to show their most professional side! Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source