Erie, chairman of Pan Gang Story

极速赛车公式 Pan Gang, male, born in 1970, Master Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman, President and Doctor of Economics, Renmin University of China, China-EU Business Administration, is a Senior Economist.Chinese Communist Party, China 17th CPC National Congress; the CPPCC National Committee; vice chairman of the National Federation; Vice-Chairman of the All-China Youth Federation, vice president of the Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association; Dairy Industry Association and vice president; China EU vice president of the Association, the State Council special allowance, China Youth five Medal, the National labor medalist in 2005 CCTV China economic person of the Year, Davos young global leaders.Pan Gang, a child is particularly fun, and small partners often play tussle with the servant.When he was 7 years old, and once he and a group of partners servant trouble, maybe played too hard too happy, and even forgot that around wells, Pan Gang, my foot slipped and fell into the well again, and his father heard small partners of screaming, immediately ran to the edge of the well, he said nothing jumped into the well to rescue the inside Pan Gang.That was winter temperatures of minus 20 degrees, fortunately Pan just wearing clothes and more, it is floating on the water, grabbed the father of Pan Gang Pan Gang, he began to cry loudly, his father patted his head and said : the child can not cry, cry to know that will not solve anything, it will only consume our strength, we can only bite the bullet, also passed quite a.After listening to the words of his father, Pan Gang wiped away tears, as his father put it clenched his teeth.Pan Gang, the father of the Pan Gang held over their heads, stand waist-deep in the water.Because the sky still under the snow, low temperatures and wellhead knot with a thick layer of ice could not get two people together out until half an hour later, people came to the rescue of the first Pan Gang rescued, then picks the wellhead about what to widening, and finally after two hours the Pan Gang’s father rescued.Pan Gang, this memory has become the most unforgettable memories in life, often in the most difficult times of his life, he will be remembered in the wells which his father to these words said to himself, so he can later a general from Erie the operator, the quality inspector, and then to the production department heads, the process, experienced a number of difficulties, how much frustration, only Pan Gang himself knew.In the production department in charge of doing when, how many times are local farmers grabbing neck collar Hansha enemies, Pan just told myself to be endured, because he knows quite a long passed.Mid-2004, a meeting in Beijing Pan Gang, suddenly his phone rang, he picked up one, a bolt from the blue message: Erie veterans and a number of leaders were taken away Procuratorate, now back to the Queen Pan Gang.Back Erie, Pan saw what had happened just shocked, that day is Sunday itself, but all the employees came, they sat on the front door and stairs, he saw Pan Gang’s uniform stood up, they knew that Pan is just one of the very few innocent executives, Pan Gang can only take them overcome the difficulties.A face both eagerly looked at his eyes, Pan Gang, suddenly do not know what to say.This time, every corner of the Erie headquarters are squatting reporter, Changqiangduanbao their hands pointed at Pan Gang, because the Queen of the stock kept falling, many media have issued Yili Group will complete collapse of the news.There are many competitors have let it be known to the acquisition of Erie, some competitors can not say the acquisition of Erie, Erie, it is imperative that all managers are poached.How to do?Pan Gang, also it seems to fall into the well, but just not the Pan year-old child, he does not need someone else has jumped well save yourself.Pan Gang, first of all to do is to put all the reporters to persuade the Erie headquarters, his commitment to all correspondents: The next day, the Queen will open all the reporters, and answer any questions raised by reporters.Reporter gone, Pan just put all the staff to convene a large conference room of the headquarters of the meeting, beginning of the meeting, Pan Gang said: Erie is like a little tilt of the ship, if you listen to the command action, not panic, then this big ship it is possible to re-stabilize under the leadership of captain, and towards the right fairway, so we all have to bite the bullet, also passed quite a.When it comes to bite the bullet, very one time passed, the Pan Gang suddenly remembered his childhood out of the wells of things, so he put his childhood this shall tell all the employees listen to Erie.The General Assembly was finished will open a small, so Pan communicate directly just up and down, only one purpose: He wants all employees to unite as one, grit your teeth, survived the great storm.The next day, Hohhot, since people under the biggest snow of winter, when the reporters walked into the Yili Group, they are shocked, because all employees in the snow, they talked and laughed, his face is so calm, like the Queen never had anything happened.Pan Gang Erie with all employees through the winter, ushered in the spring, it is also good performance in Erie, Pangang Cheng reputation for the world’s most Davos World Economic Forum Young Leaders, and was elected Ten Chinese great leaders and China’s top ten outstanding brand marketing figure, was also named the CCTV China economic person of the year.