Wu’s hare-style village

极速赛车公式 www.2chex.com In Yuzhu fellow mountain side, only two kilometers away from a checkpoint where Wu Renyi built a two-story, open a restaurant on the first floor, second floor, they lived.He had a plug in the restaurant door sign that says Wu’s hare-style village.Under the signboard, placed a neat row of wire cages, cages full of rabbits jump.Rabbit is dark gray, fine short limbs, muscles, red eyes bright, knowledgeable guests to see that these rabbits are disguising the wild free.Flavor Zhuang customers are mainly long distances drivers.After their word of mouth, the flavor village business is getting better, hare in short supply, which makes Wu Renyi earn a lot of money.However, the flavor is not the business of the village at noon, the day after the boss Wu Renyi must go mountain woods to catch the hare.Yuzhu everywhere endless mountain bamboo, mountain hare weird, like to ask the shuttle in the bamboo forest.But a few years ago in Forest Hill Yuzhu gun ban, so Wu Renyi bamboo forest set a looper many organs made of rope, as long as the hare stepped on, Looper will tighten, hare’s hind legs tied.On the other end tied to a rope pulled the existence of a bent bamboo, is triggered after authorities hare, bamboo lose containment force, will suddenly pointed, hares also will be pulled up the rope, hung upside down in the air can not escape.And Wu Renyi need to do is to regularly check Looper organs located next day.Of course, in order to avoid accidental injury mountain, Wu Renyi before each looper authorities have erected a wooden sign that read: where there is authority, please bypass.Hare is illiterate.That day in the evening, the sky dismal, cloudy, seeing a pent-up storm will fall.Flavor woman in the town, a few guests are having dinner listening to the news with a portable radio.Announcer positive with bloody word rendering of the city is undergoing a serial murder victims are all young girls in their early twenties, and after everyone was killed, the perpetrators have been cut out eyebrows went to a group of meat.Although the radio play with such terrible news, but that did not affect the customer’s appetite.There are a few tables of guests want to come back a stir hare, but unfortunately that day to catch the hare had finished killing, Wu Renyi had a broad smile came out to explain, I invite you to return again when the driver tasting.When the sky darkening, customers run out of food, they have drove away.Wu Renyi is preparing to close the door closing, she heard the door came the sound of car brakes.His head looked at, to see a coach parked in the street, open the door, down three men and a woman.Once the men get off straight into the village from the flavor, he drove to the front of the coach continues, soon they disappeared into the night.Wu Renyi help but frowned, today’s catch hares are sold out, what means to entertain guests it?It seems that only the hanging string of bacon under the eaves on the second floor had got cut off.Four guests entered the room, a man and a woman sitting on a table, two other men were sitting two tables.It appears that they are not together.Sitting the table of a man and a woman are young, beautiful woman, handsome man, evidently should be a couple.But the girl’s eyes are somewhat erratic, always towards Wu Renyi and two other male guests cast a glance to cast a glance to go, hang around and stare, her eyes seemed full of peach.Wu Renyi can not help but secretly sigh, thinking this girl is really a scourge, her boyfriend something to be subject to.Sure enough, though the young man had been smiling, but actually faint smile hidden untold anguish and aim of the Wu Renyi, an additional two men.One wearing a suit, put the foot of a black briefcase, he was about forty years, his face sallow, gloomy face, two eyebrows screwed together, like someone owes him money not yet in general.Another man wearing a black casual clothes, angular face filled with determination, with a kind of masculine stormy.Wu Renyi walked up, a broad smile to four guests said: now it was dark, and I was the only cook shop, as four of you synthesis table it so I can say hello.Four people have no objection.Seated, first to the young handsome man spoke, he smiled and said: Wu boss, give us a signature dish here one by one stir hare!Guests flavor of the village come and go too much, Wu Renyi not the slightest impression on the young man eleven but this statement is no need to say so.He just told them I’m sorry, hare has been sold out, only to get some meat for them to eat.He received assurance from the mountains are called old smoked bacon, taste is absolutely good: Since sat a table, can be considered a fate, four people were introduced herself, a girl named Lan Meng, and her young together who is her boyfriend, called Zhao.Looking gloomy middle-aged man named Zheng Pengfei, a black man named Chen latent casual wear.Lan Meng eyes that filled with peach, Chen Qian stay in the body is the longest time.Taking advantage of the occasion of four greeting, Wu Renyi upstairs cut bacon, bacon hung under the eaves of the second floor bedroom window.When he opened the door, Fifi Tong Simmons was lying in bed watching TV, she was his woman.When the bacon to be mown down, Wu Renyi inadvertently looked at the TV screen, suddenly stunned.There was a positive man’s hat black and white photographs on the screen is the one that eleven men wearing black casual clothes, Chen Qian.Wu Renyi raised the volume on the TV, and then he heard the announcer’s voice stereotyped: Wanted: Chen Qian, male, twenty-eight suspected serial murder felony arrest warrant In particular, the deceased’s family announced that it would come up with a huge bounty to arrest Chen Qian, Wang providing insider information and so as soon as possible.Wu Renyi does not alarm, and God knows there are no accomplices Chen Qian, multi-less attitude, although there are bounty, but no amount of money to spend like mad if it was only one number only.He carried the bacon down the stairs, into the kitchen while cooking while listening ear dialogue restaurant four guests.At the moment, the young man called Zhao Zheng Pengfei positive Q: Mr. Cheng, what do you do line?Zheng Pengfei replied with a calm voice: I am an insurance company clerk.Here is to find a man, a woman called Zhang Guihua.Is she your girlfriend?Meng Lan gossip asked.Zheng Pengfei shook his head and said: Not long ago, an accident occurred in the city, a factory is preparing to unload, wire rope lifting the container was suddenly cut off, more than ten tons of smashed down box, a worker standing ground At that time it was pressed into patties.The dead worker, is Zhang Guihua’s husband, I am here to represent the insurance company and discuss her payment scheme.His words, let the whole table could not help but suck down a cold lump, even in the kitchen busy Wu Renyi also could not help but shudder.Almost at the same time, across the night sky suddenly a flash of lightning, followed by a rumbling of thunder sounded, it has long been poised crackling rain finally fell down.Chen periscope of a heavy rain outside the window, says with concern: rain big ah, winding road might collapse, electric shuttle will stop.Yes ah, if the could not walk, that would be bad.Zhao also echoed Road.Zheng Pengfei said that much of what his destination is nearby.But after the rain, the mountain becomes difficult to walk, I’m afraid he could not short-lived fad Rice Merchants.Wu Renyi, carrying a platter fried bacon out: Gentlemen Do not worry, I’m on the second floor there are two rooms that can be freed up to you live.But then, I have to properly charge a small fee.no problem!Four people answered with one voice.Wu Renyi turned his head and said to Zheng Pengfei: Can you find the home of Zhang Guihua it?Zheng Pengfei replied: I have an address, should be able to find.Wu Renyi nodded and said: I know Zhang Guihua, her home five miles from here, on the side of the hillside.Tomorrow I can take you.Wu Renyi would have been prepared to arrange for a room and Meng Zhao Lan, the other arrangements and to Zheng Pengfei Chen Qian.But Zheng Pengfei has found a privately Wu Renyi, he said: Wu boss, you give me another room to find it.Even simple it does not matter, as long as the security on the line.Rooms here are my security.To recommend the latest information sauna