极速赛车公式 www.2chex.com   After breakfast, Sheng Qiao Qiao Yu to call yesterday, he reminded that I’ve got to sign documents today, Sheng Joe called in the past to confirm with him, after all, star Yao would have stopped her trip, she also intends to afternoon time teach you go shopping, to the family bought something.
  Beat it twice before it was answered, Qiao Yu sound of panic: “Excuse me, Miss Sheng, I have something today, tomorrow, the prosecution’s file shouting to you.”
  Sheng Joe hurriedly asked: “how?What happened?”
  Qiao Yu said: “My mother is sick, I have to take care of, contact tomorrow.”
  Having hung up the phone.
  Sheng Joe made a stunned moment.Qiao mother body has been not very good, the root cause of early fall, on the age they have to take smb, coupled with his legs mobility, has been confined to a wheelchair.Qiao Yu sound in such a hurry, my mother is not an accident?
  Sheng Qiao head about to explode, ears buzzing, Qiao Yu gave her a call, in which hospital they would like to clarify, but hit several times do not take Qiao Yu, Sheng Qiao anxious not, it is not way, a bite, a taxi to the villa district Jia.
  Jia closed the door, knocked on the door a long time nobody.
  Sheng Joe really do not know how to do, simply to sit toward the door.
  This ride will sit dark.The winter months are always too fast night fell, accompanied by wind, cold Sheng Qiao Sese shaking, she walked out anxious, nor

lthough a little bit behind the school bully, but they have to catch up,” and so on that weekend this week, we will draw!”

  ”it is good!”Pei Yang Qing nodded with satisfaction, he completed a large task in front of the computer to start a new journey, first of all, every day the first thing to do is to change the signature, he found a home in the ethnic make it people shocking sentence, there is nothing annoying things, much ado about 北京夜网it, this sentence looked very good, very suitable for him, then let another change of name matching, as well called philistines!A friend inside, a properly!
  Then again, we must develop business under the logs, he would have to send in a check today’s goal, quickly searched on the site, then copy paste, dire北京夜网ct release, take the opportunity to add effects to the text of bells and whistles, just could not be more perfect.
  He made this log, called “life and death”, the full text excerpts are reportedly comes from Tagore “Birds,” the poem, of course, there are also claims may not say, can there be anything to do with him.
  Pei Yang Qing sitting chair will rotate, with his rather intoxicated Nianliaoyiju: “The world’s most remote distance.”He also accompanied the search to the English translation, feel what his soul has been sublimated, like a great poet, as it is not written poetry in love, do not hurt sad, that he absolutely does not care, to have this style, this distinctive.
  Sure enough, not after a while, refresh the two, bowed to many many comments: “yo, little sun today so theatrical it!Poet.”” Seven really talented, totally do not u都市兔兔体验网nderstand, turn!”” Power of the Word, I must be free to have read something.”.
  Ah, today’s Pei Yang Qing, still feel that they should get out on a.
  earlyThe genius bright, Pei Naochun will direct climb out of bed, alarm clock next to the front is ten past six, the family has regular pot of porridge every day is timed right, he just needs to get up after a fried egg, fried dishes can be, supposedly

Hui Wen Yan, looking for a stiff bow touched his nose, Samsam said: “I am of course happy for her, but -“

  She looked Huoting Chen look, and then I proceeded: “I consider this is for the company, Saatchi biggest rival Star Entertainment recently produced a lot of high ratings of the TV series.”
  ”okay.”Huoting Chen eyebrows give birth to intolerance,” I have a plan, you do not need to teach me how to do that.”
  Huozhi Hui would like to say what, Huoting Chen cold eye color, her eyes glued to live, Huo Zhihui just felt a hand stuck in her throat, students over the body cold, only silently put behind the words and swallowed.
  Atmosphere and sometimes some stagnation.
  Huoting Chen sister has always been do not like this, just look at the face on the old man’s face was maintained brother and sister, he delicately thin lips, no sound, as always, the temperature: “I’m at work, nothing else to do and went out.”
  ”it is good.”
  Huozhi Hui reluctantly turned.
  Went to the door, behind the voice sounded Huoting Chen: “In the future please do not just put up unrelated people, including my sister, Huo Zhihui.”Huoting Chen apparently did not care Huozhi Hui ideas, not people out of the office, the desk direct dial landline numbers.
  Huo Zhihui more than slightly annoyed embarrassment,

not know who.

  Every day after school, Pei Yang Qing favorite is these friends and chat in the process, in fact, did not talk about anything, is Laoke jokes between each other, to share some of the beauties of text, it has been rich enough one day.
  Smirk directed at the screen for a while, Pei Yang Qing cut it to another group, this group is called the Heart thirteen brothers, all his real friends know, we were all enrolled in the Heart High School, met by chance became friends, they even modeled on the Three Kingdoms in the plot to the child heart sworn, sworn although there is no wine, but also carrying a teacher on the roof that opened a Coke, it is one of the Seven Pei Yang Qing.
  That group flashes quite fast, as usual, especially if more than second child, he杭州桑拿 was very concerned about Pei Yang Qing: “Seven, you go back there again today to call you dad?Maybe you’ll corpuscles, do not toss you that the uniforms.”
  Heart school uniforms behind with irregular shape, separating the red and white areas, carries the “artistic dreams” of children, often contrary to tidy to say, the creation of various areas in white, write own girlfriends, lovers name has been conservative operation, such as Pei Yang Qing, this time he intends to put forward a large, painted directly on top of a basketball superstar, he not only wanted to paint himself, but also encouraged his thirteen brothers, according to his saying, this man painting a go out, everyone knows that they are brothers.
  Pei Yang Qing replies quickly: “I did not call, my father did not say a word today, I doubt he wants to make a big move, but深圳桑拿网 it does not matter, I’m not afraid of him!School uniforms drew more than air, you did not see the school bully as people painted dragon, power and prestige can go out, I recently pondered buy a new white shoes, to find someone to create it helped create.”
  ”.alright.”Second child the same reply very quickly, they cl北京风月网aim to want to lead a new wave of spiritual Heart High School, a

The ruin her whole person, and refuses to marry her Dongbao Liu, Jiang Tong almost anything in anger no place to spread, she beat Jiang Chu, naturally, only to find that the leak punches either.

Ginger Peach scared afraid to speak, only to pick up clothes while squatting on the ground crying, Jiang Tong will curse grew worse: “You install this pair of poor way to see who?Hu Mei child with your sister that a virtue!Follow her own shameless wild man ran and brought me to splash the dirty water, your heart cola Oh, right?I tell you, I have a difficult time you even think about good!”
Jiang Chu “bang”, one foot on the door flung open Jiangjialiang yard, gloomy face staring at her: “Do you want a hard time who?”
Jiang Tong suddenly saw Jiang Chu, scared to jump, then made an effort, just loudly: “Who promised you come in?!”
Chu Jiang strode into the go, looking gloomy sneer Jiang Tong: “I tell you, this place is not just casually I can kick in. I can casually can beat your father and mother deny.”

Chapter 018 make a deal

Jiang Tong scared of a whole body shiver, tell the truth

nce picking up a bunch of modifications in the core, will find that this is the essence of today quarrel with friends, and teachers clash tomorrow, the day after watching a tragedy Bale.

  Pei Naochun finally relieved, except for these, the remaining contents of the log are quite normal, but what is reproduced in various constellations analysis, eloquent young adolescents articles, or several plays a sad title of Mito article, but only loose the tone of his brow at once provoked, Pei Yang green space log packet actually there, still he could not read the Martian and all kinds of articles, after barely use Baidu search, he found the five categories with up that is, “I love myself.”.
  - Yes, he is very Bang Bang Oh, Pei Naochun headache was great, some not even want广州桑拿 to explore whether those articles inexplicable Pei Yang Qing, and classification in the end what relevance.
  Well, it came to an end on the first of these, Pei Naochun feel themselves to be a serious spiritual pollution – many of his shuttle in the world, if I remember correctly, he always felt that modeling son is now pursuing, and his hair shop see Tony teacher, really unusual like it.
  The master bedroom Pei Naochun being a head two big, but in its own room Pei Yang Qing, is directed at the computer, it is investment, this time he was driving at the same time a number of groups, because too many messages, nod notification bar full of orange-red one, waiting for the owner to open point will temporarily corpuscles.
  The group displayed on the screen, the name is very simple, called Ai scared family, the right of the list of group members, uniform, hung the head of the same prefixes, and symbols, and then follow behind a variety of nicknames, as Pei Yang Qing, his nickname is grass, this group of friends pulled him coming, from a paste it, all over the world people into the group, usually heated discussion was not, like you Lovers of friends, di北京会所体验网d not see the fact abnormal unfamiliar with each other, who do

Under suddenly moving up, figure like ghosts in general, ghost back and forth, over the remaining few people stepped down severely feet.

  I heard the sound Cui Xiang accompanied by screaming, spread throughout the deep sea Extreme Club.
  Such a complex operation took place in a split, a few seconds of effort, a dozen bodyguards had been lying on the ground, clutching his nose, clutching his legs, and clutching his foot, although the shape is not uniform but unified collective lying on the ground unable to move.
  White leaves from the ashtray, that will just burn up half of the smoke took out, continue to puff.
  The people at the table were all dumbfounded, no one to see what had happened, I just feel a wave of white leaf, these people all fall.
  This.This is exactly what people!
  Could that be the legendary martial arts master?
  Hu Dongliang smoke also caught in the two fingers, but his eyes have become some slack, but, after a few seconds, the pupil continued to enlarge, revealing a touch of incredible expression.
  ”you.you.You do not come, you come back I’ll call up my dad!My dad is Hu three!”
  White took a leaf plate, severely hit in the face of Hu Dongliang, a

rst, it occupies several pages in the log, there is a large number of “name” articles, Pei Naochun click into it, see what is a confused, with the way he can understand to explain, probably similar to the later popular ice bucket challenge, but that challenge was not poured ice water, but answered questions specific directory issues, and then on a person, and the person named, will be based on how much their own curious situation, and then ask a few questions as a supplement, content issues on the constellation name, age, hobbies, down to why the recent love a song, everything, even the most professional and detailed than the census.

  More VIP spicy eye which is the choice of font, God knows why this thing is set up space so many fluorescent fonts, Pei Naochun glance, the eye should immediately feel guilty astigmatism, squint only to barely see which says 12345, he certainly do not understand English to get a mess, usually only sing Jay’s son, why favorite song is “wait here” – if he asked Pei Yang Qing, the other only lightly answer, of course, is to install 13, like them, it has long been engraved in the memory under a suit to f广州桑拿orce Guide.
  Favorite books, that we did not have to be seen in the minority, and “Hundred Years of Solitude” is very good; like the drama of it, could not say the “armor Warrior”, also that “Three Kingdoms” also sounds line; watch movies from the internet do not know what that is Gada movie turned out in English, French put forward again if, that is better, well versed in these techniques Pei Yang Qing, the perfection of their own non-mainstream and tall together, evolved into non-mainstream installed 13.
  Beyond nod of view, is the Spring and Autumn numerous articles, there are quite a few titles have literary talent, have cited the verse is, what the Bowl, but the time was unusual, but the point is entirely inside not the case, there are a pile of rhetoric sigh, like life is experiencing the sky is falling blow, can actually seriously广州桑拿网 si

State, he said: “Then it folded, or second-hand, in case people despise me lose out.”

Linchao Xiu complain that he does not live up to expectations Side, he said: “You foolish, why tell her second-hand?What dust bags are in, you do not wrap up is the new!”

Tang Junsheng think he does have a sister business of talent, but he is not poor.Two people wear for a long time, half of the final four points to be finalized.Linchao Xiu think Routeng, his face says loss.Tang Junsheng said: “Anyway, you are credit card to buy these things, and I would be sold to cash in, there is such a legitimate channel for cash is not happy?”

Linchao Xiu snappily said: “I might as well go into the secondary market to sell it, are Qizhe berserk person.Well I do not say I have something for you to wrap the money forwarded to me.”

Tang Junsheng do not have so much money, required installment.Linchao Xiu face black with the bottom of the pot-like, he simply felt sick, the package will fall into the arms of football, said: “Do not sell you out!”

Tang Junsheng also felt a bit too much, lost smiles: “Tomorrow morning Zanba and Su Bobo certainly give lucky money, I now pay a half, and then pay the balance due tomorrow, so always okay?”

Linchao Xiu think of doing business was a little flexible, reluctantly agreed.Tang Junsheng give her a deposit, then he asked: “Do not tell Zanba say ah, help me

rris wheel, black blur brunette girls back, this space is actually there name, called Wo, as u stranded Xiangxi Ferris wheel.

  Ah, to say the least, Pei Naochun feel, and he is unlikely to accept the Pei Yang Qing style it.

Chapter 149 non-mainstream my son (three)?(four)
  Thousands and thousands of children in the world, each look different.Pei Naochun head silently in my heart this sentence, may still contain himself subconsciously twisted look for him, Pei Yang Qing’s every move, it is difficult to identify with him, God knows, the other to write these things, in the end all What is the meaning.
  Pei Naochun suddenly glad that even he could not help but thank them often mentioned to complain about garbage system 0杭州桑拿09, you know, after experiencing so much of the world, this was the first time he encountered such a child.
  Recall their own adolescence, Pei Naochun just want to get up, when he was still very young, what is the most admired military, scientists, specially ordered a light brain by remote: 1 mech simulation home, regardless of wear it will shed a sweat, abruptly shoot a lot of video, also sent to the internet complacent, but after so long, he has in retrospect, I do not feel regret, but feel very interesting, after all, it could perhaps be considered part of his youth.
  Think of the past, but also with a smile mouth of Pei Naochun, when the sight of cohesion in the screen froze again, he fell into deep meditation, think of a question, a few years later, Pei Yang Qing and then look back now own, will find it interesting and proud of 上海夜网it?It should be?He will try to understand contemporary children’s voices!Taking into account this, he overcame some nauseating emotional heart to give birth, strongly forced himself abruptly looked down.
  Many of function space, Pei Yang Qing selection of music is not sad love song, is what the game theme song, actually taste good, but if you see the log, it will hard to describe the feeling of the dignitaries of his life.