Coconut justice “God has a son there.”.Dowry ceremony cake is the major appointment was the woman you want to gift the groom’s cake gift distribution relatives and friends, the so-called “pie”, announced to friends and family about to marry his daughter married.

极速赛车公式   After satisfied Zheng, Zhong all the dowry for God in the table, then the man invited all the guests to sit, Li Xuan The bridegroom is the King accompany Moxi.This time the bride Cherie Chung, and finally in a “full blessing of the people” lucky woman pulling down the hall.She hands with sweet tea, eleven guests and offer tea to the man.
  After tea Jing, Li Xuan and Zhong Chuhong exchange witnessed by friends and relatives of both the engagement ring, give the bride and groom wear a ring right middle finger, and then give the bride and groom left middle finger to wear the ring.After her mother would let a bunch of the bride wear gold chains, and then put a bunch of gold chains to the groom by the mother, meaning the two tie the knot.
  Li Xuan looked vivid colors and moving girlfriend, after this is their forever love, he could not help hand gently cupped Zhongchu Hong’s face, kissed up down.
  ”Oh!”Suddenly there came a chuckle around, Zhong Chuhong pushed aside her boyfriend, a sudden her face has been covered with a shy blush.Her head down, staring at the toe, did not look Man.
  ”Come up and pay his respects!”Zhongchu Hong’s uncle niece timely aloud to the rescue.
  When the woman’s family worship, need to please the bride’s uncle lit candles.Father Bell, bell mother, bride, and Li Xuan this new law, along with four of incense, the ancestors inform marriage has been set, pray for.
  Here the whole process to be considered Xiapin come to an end, Zhong Jian Li to both sides to relatives and friends prepared a sumptuous engagement party.Li Xuan and Zhong Chuhong although not