The weather is not the snow days, the crew shot for realism, on loan to the artificial snow-making machine, with a lump of land scattered snow.

极速赛车公式   The temperature of the surrounding drove down down on new summer wearing a thin jacket, cold red nose, but do not want to leave, crazy place against the sky pressed the shutter, covered with snow-white hair.
  Is really cold, I’m cold nose all down.Luo Ming did not call a halt, he dared not hand rub.
  ”Well, this is true, after.”Luo Ming Praise of sound land, forest health Zhuangzhuang quickly to delivery to the tissue, Lin-sheng said the sound Xie, just turned around and happened to see a man and producers talking suit.
  Lin-sheng suddenly hesitated and rubbed his eyes, confirmed that Yao Ji ceremony.Heart of a happy, how he came?Subconsciously it towards the other end where he went.
  ”Ji total.”He called upon the sound.
  Yao Ji ceremony of mind has been on him, nodded his head, looked at his shoulder is the snow, frowning look to Zhuangzhuang, “do not give him a coat.”
  Zhuangzhuang quickly put long down jacket wrapped in forest health body.
  Forest Health wants to accost him, he was naturally biased over his head, Lin-sheng mouth slightly open, I say nothing.Ji Yao knew that the ceremony was to avoid arousing suspicion.
  Luo Ming, who came with a producer, one by one, and Yao Ji ritual handshake, a few