Room 105, first floor of the dormitory.

极速赛车公式   Room 105 on the first floor hallway window of the fifth room, which was very convenient for legs and feet inconvenient Qiaoming month.
  Went into the dormitory, Qiaoming month voice sounded, “Shen brother, help me to it under the table by the window.”
  Shen Changqing truthfully did, Shen Qing Zhu Changqing have taken advantage of coming back.
  ”I have not stayed in school yet, the room quite clean it.”Zhu Qing never been to stoop in the dormitory, the first visit to the hostel faces emerge with surprising, then restless hands free to touch something dorm.
  Shen Qing Zhu Changqing looked fumble, photographed slap on his head, with a stern warning, “Do not touch, put you in touch kick out, are not supposed to let you in..”
  Zhu Qing honest heard this a lot, pulled a chair, squatting on a stable local ass sitting in a chair, she sighed and said, “Shen Changqing, did you treat me as a brother ah, I do cattle for you horse seventeen years, you do this to me!”
  In order to withdraw the poor young master Zhu Jin, also left with a bumbling small arms covered his eyes, head buried in the lower chest in.
  ”Hurried out, looking upset you.”Shen Changqing also irritability, grandson how so annoying?
  Small brotherhood brothers so treat yourself, Zhu Qing buried in the chest in just lifted