极速赛车公式 www.2chex.com   Chu Zheng did not expect just a few weeks between the eyebrows, the last wine shy Gu Mingxin also gone on to become so bold.He wants to put aside Gu Mingxin’s hand, but he was weak and had no strength to even this.
  It makes Chu Zheng felt very Xiunao, the hearts of anger is growing.
  He is fond of Tan Yin, so will all sorts of Tan Yin patience.This can be regarded as anything but Gu Mingxin?Dare him hands and feet?
  Chu Zheng sound into the ward after a throw Gu Mingxin want to hold on to the bed of his hands, just behind him suddenly sounded a cold.
  ”original…You know?”
  Chu Zheng’s face changed, and panic come back.
 ← Yin do not know when standing in the doorway, eyes without a trace of temperature.
  ”No, not what you think.”
  Chu Zheng anxiously want to explain, but he opened his mouth, but also how to be able to tell of his relationship with Gu Mingxin.
  Did he say that rare kind, knowing that the two sisters are contradictory, but still in the wine helped her sister?
  ”You say, I’m listening.”
 ← Yin scoffed, hands placed on the chest ring arm.She was looking calm, and Chu Zheng panic in stark contrast.
  Two people familiar tone, although the central topic in relation to himself.Gu Mingxin you can feel completely hanging on the side, as is the air,

Room 105, first floor of the dormitory.

  Room 105 on the first floor hallway window of the fifth room, which was very convenient for legs and feet inconvenient Qiaoming month.
  Went into the dormitory, Qiaoming month voice sounded, “Shen brother, help me to it under the table by the window.”
  Shen Changqing truthfully did, Shen Qing Zhu Changqing have taken advantage of coming back.
  ”I have not stayed in school yet, the room quite clean it.”Zhu Qing never been to stoop in the dormitory, the first visit to the hostel faces emerge with surprising, then restless hands free to touch something dorm.
  Shen Qing Zhu Changqing looked fumble, photographed slap on his head, with a stern warning, “Do not touch, put you in touch kick out, are not supposed to let you in..”
  Zhu Qing honest heard this a lot, pulled a chair, squatting on a stable local ass sitting in a chair, she sighed and said, “Shen Changqing, did you treat me as a brother ah, I do cattle for you horse seventeen years, you do this to me!”
  In order to withdraw the poor young master Zhu Jin, also left with a bumbling small arms covered his eyes, head buried in the lower chest in.
  ”Hurried out, looking upset you.”Shen Changqing also irritability, grandson how so annoying?
  Small brotherhood brothers so treat yourself, Zhu Qing buried in the chest in just lifted

, The brain will not make up a non-existent fiance to vexatious.He believed that music heart, she is not the person both ways.His tone is gentle, affectionate slowly, “Yesterday I did not mean to hang you over the phone, but I’m in a meeting.I know that in the novel overbearing president will disregard Conferencing like people’s phone, but I do not like them, I can be your kind of overbearing president, so I hung up your phone and continue to meet.Do I feel I am mature, responsible and sensible?”

  He listened to Huo said, the music heart of this age girls like mature man, he needs to become mature as soon as possible.
  Ok?I did not ask her to appear in his room last night thing.
  Reserve Bu who want to come in when the reservoir guard pulled her tightly, she had barely tolerable spell, let him sleep in the past.She dragged him to the bed and saw his hands clutching a green hat, was his eyes flash to show the operation of the music center decided to give it to him, they put a green cap that he wore to hand to his head.Reserve guard woke up this morning I do not know, to see the head of the green cap will feel?
  Slightly guilty happy heart generous to say: “I feel very mature.Hung up the phone hung up, I do not blame you.”
  ”Music heart I love you, I am inferior to you something.”
  Reserve guard hung up the phone, took a picture sent me.Phalangeal slender hands pinched root long, straight black hair.
  Le accidentally fell on his heart last night

Door, pale and said: “I just said what?”

  ”Hear hear, I want to come back, you do not care about me.”
  ”I did not want you to come back, I see your poor.”
  ”I know know.I would seriously consider, you Open the door!”
  Song Zhe: “.”
  Back of the car called into one, tweeted and Gu Xia Song Zhe Lan also noted the car, and on the inside of the glass desperately flapping Yang Wei, they came, Song Zhe is not good then closed Yang Wei, then the lock and said: “I just gave you consider the time of day, do not give me back before 0:00, you do not come back.”
  Yang Wei should be no words, go out into the car downward, just jumped out and ready to shut the door, she suddenly serious and said: “Song Zhe, you know.?”
  Song Zhe looked up at her, frowned, Yang Wei straight face and said: “Actually, I was fighting diagram eight professional players!”
  Then, Yang Wei got the door shut, Song Zhe sent to the last expression.
  Overwhelming pills like machine-gun fire as toward the villain on the screen, below the black characters that read: “sick take medicine.”

Chapter (repair) 14
  Yang Wei jumped from the car, rushed to the front of the summer tweeted: “how to how to?”
  ”Temporary not be a good number, you can just fill the seats, and quickly go.”
  Gu Lan and Xia tweeted send

Poor expression of intolerance to look, but finally lined up in a row, not seem a floor standing before the addition of the three groups.

  Ding Jiu Jiu eyes a screeching halt.
  Two seconds later, she again put the “fourth group” looked again, and then complain a little sigh, hold back the urge to cover their eyes.
  Next to Joe Bay and Yuan paintings also spotted.
  Joe Bay: “Cries.I how few to a few to go, big guy who just did not come?”
  Yuan painting nodded: “really did not come.”
  At the forefront of the team, Qin Mingyu face more tangled than they are.
  Against a list of comparison again, his face tangled asked to stand, “the fourth group of” first team Song handsome –
  ”You the group, told the students that” when cold ‘is not down yet?”
  Song handsome smiling, “reports teacher, he was asleep..You should get down.”

Chapter 16
  ”Reports teacher, his sleeping.You should get down.”
  He says this, standing there smiling handsome Song.Whether the action look, apparently showing a kind of did not mind.
  Song Qin Mingyu was handsome tone for granted that hold back a bit, face flushed, “This.This is a good layout Lu teacher ahead of time, how can.How can Kuang out?”
  ”I have no way ah.”Song Shuai smiled, raised his

The weather is not the snow days, the crew shot for realism, on loan to the artificial snow-making machine, with a lump of land scattered snow.

  The temperature of the surrounding drove down down on new summer wearing a thin jacket, cold red nose, but do not want to leave, crazy place against the sky pressed the shutter, covered with snow-white hair.
  Is really cold, I’m cold nose all down.Luo Ming did not call a halt, he dared not hand rub.
  ”Well, this is true, after.”Luo Ming Praise of sound land, forest health Zhuangzhuang quickly to delivery to the tissue, Lin-sheng said the sound Xie, just turned around and happened to see a man and producers talking suit.
  Lin-sheng suddenly hesitated and rubbed his eyes, confirmed that Yao Ji ceremony.Heart of a happy, how he came?Subconsciously it towards the other end where he went.
  ”Ji total.”He called upon the sound.
  Yao Ji ceremony of mind has been on him, nodded his head, looked at his shoulder is the snow, frowning look to Zhuangzhuang, “do not give him a coat.”
  Zhuangzhuang quickly put long down jacket wrapped in forest health body.
  Forest Health wants to accost him, he was naturally biased over his head, Lin-sheng mouth slightly open, I say nothing.Ji Yao knew that the ceremony was to avoid arousing suspicion.
  Luo Ming, who came with a producer, one by one, and Yao Ji ritual handshake, a few

 I caught my dad’s hand and put his palm.

  I patted the back of my dad’s, “Sousa ah, you are still young, plenty of opportunities, romance kind of thing, to see a prescription.”
  My dad throw off my hand, “you say such things, do not hurt the conscience of all?”
  I did not say anything for a long time, and he had put his hand on the location of conscience, and my conscience is probably dead, I do not feel pain.
  I put my hand taken off, my dad again pressed my hand back, “Why am I chasing Yi River?”
  ”I feel you have to say for me.”
  ”Not just to you!”
  ”Easy Creek and looks very similar to your mother, you do not want a photograph and likeness mother do?”
  ”Shut up, my mother was watching it, and more Shen feel uncomfortable.”
  My dad stopped with a layer of white cloth Photo.I wondered not plug the ear, it could have the effect of?
  My dad came back, “You really do not want Yi River when small mom do?”
  ”Do not.”When my girlfriend on it ah.
  ”I thought you liked her.”
  I was very fond of her, ah yes.”But when the small mom on a free.”
  ”You Wangbagaozi, you can not think for you dad?”
  ”You are to me he said!”
  ”I would have is for you ah, by the way

It is not seen these days online call you those words, as if they finally found a chance to attack you.I see good upset.”

  ”What are you upset?You’re not my wife.”
  Zhou vague teeth, “you do not say the word wife?”
  Zhou Lu seventy-one vague look up and down, “You are not also something to me?How wacky?”She did what style of character, transitory man does not know, because the network did not air on the network of violence like this.
  Zhou Miao head down, quite a while to open, “Xuan seedling other day and I said, someone in the school your candid photos and video, high-priced resale.I went to check the next, found Shen Ting Wan.”

Chapter 247 known
  ”Last night, para Star-Lord called me to say that online video is cut off, Shen Ting Wan dry.I do not know Shen Ting Wan is how to get.Do you think that this will be the lady slipper joint Shen Ting Wan do?”
  Lu seventy-one heard this, silent, the head tilt thought, “You worry about it, and I go near the other sex, there is no direct relationship Well?”
  ”.”Zhou vague silent pulling hair straight,” Now, sir, can you hear my speech is not focused!!!I really admire you!!!”
  ”My focus of attention is focused on talking to you!!”Lu seven weeks with a little vague,” Quick said!”
  After weeks vague bored tone, “I was worried you were in school, was pat, take a fuss.Poplar

Coconut justice “God has a son there.”.Dowry ceremony cake is the major appointment was the woman you want to gift the groom’s cake gift distribution relatives and friends, the so-called “pie”, announced to friends and family about to marry his daughter married.

  After satisfied Zheng, Zhong all the dowry for God in the table, then the man invited all the guests to sit, Li Xuan The bridegroom is the King accompany Moxi.This time the bride Cherie Chung, and finally in a “full blessing of the people” lucky woman pulling down the hall.She hands with sweet tea, eleven guests and offer tea to the man.
  After tea Jing, Li Xuan and Zhong Chuhong exchange witnessed by friends and relatives of both the engagement ring, give the bride and groom wear a ring right middle finger, and then give the bride and groom left middle finger to wear the ring.After her mother would let a bunch of the bride wear gold chains, and then put a bunch of gold chains to the groom by the mother, meaning the two tie the knot.
  Li Xuan looked vivid colors and moving girlfriend, after this is their forever love, he could not help hand gently cupped Zhongchu Hong’s face, kissed up down.
  ”Oh!”Suddenly there came a chuckle around, Zhong Chuhong pushed aside her boyfriend, a sudden her face has been covered with a shy blush.Her head down, staring at the toe, did not look Man.
  ”Come up and pay his respects!”Zhongchu Hong’s uncle niece timely aloud to the rescue.
  When the woman’s family worship, need to please the bride’s uncle lit candles.Father Bell, bell mother, bride, and Li Xuan this new law, along with four of incense, the ancestors inform marriage has been set, pray for.
  Here the whole process to be considered Xiapin come to an end, Zhong Jian Li to both sides to relatives and friends prepared a sumptuous engagement party.Li Xuan and Zhong Chuhong although not

Black to post without swearing word clarity of logic to refute the hopping of playing dumb, then they released the long microblogging a critic looks very professional-looking – “On Horch acting de change “.

  Eloquent thousand words, from the first TV series debut Horch works Let’s talk about the role of people set to start from the analysis and the story itself, the lack of analysis of the Horch started his acting in the film and television, followed by the second part, third, each department, acting on his progress is evident.
  She did not shy away Horch defects and deficiencies in the early stages, and even carry out single jokes, but changed the subject, the next one works, you will find this defect has been up make up, just like bees nests, not finally close ventilate.
  In the end, earned him as the emperor of this work, “Fearless”, she is Xu Lusheng depth analysis of the character’s personality and background that illustrate the many fragments of the play to prove Ming Huoxi this role consummate the control.
  I do not avoid his shortcomings, is not stingy with his praise.This long microblogging written very pertinent professional, for all Horch works include MV, musicals are very familiar, almost seven years old from the powder in the years to see their own keep chasing shadows.
  Old powder a shot, you know there is no.Blessing of the Forest this microblogging has been issued,