Autumn is a fairyland and a forest of enlightenment

极速赛车公式 Autumn is a fairyland, and in the years when enlightenment forest walks into autumn, life is quiet and good, talking about Buddhism in the mountains, combining the mystery of Taoism and Buddhism into a fragrance of autumn, understanding the life situation during the journey and looking for the secret of success – inscriptions walk into colorful seasons, and yellow meridians extend the outline of leaves and swirl down in succession.. It was sunny in the morning, the mountains were embroidered under the blue curtain, and the red, yellow, orange and green costumes were as clear as jade.. The wind gently rolled up his clothes, revealing the dust and falling leaves on the ground. All dust is like this, the heart is slightly cool. Enter the time, play a cup of camellia morning dew, taste the light taste, the light fragrance simplifies life, simplifies thinking, and makes people natural and unrestrained and pure.. What also can’t stand polishing, falling leaves yellow autumn, wash this side of heaven and earth with scenery, walk into this shallow time, and spend the falling leaves reincarnation.     If there are immortals in the world, what autumn brings to mortals is a kind of fragrance that is thorough in the bottom of my heart. The fragrance is a ripe flower, fruit and grass fragrance, which is unique to autumn.. Scent of a Woman, autumn must be Leng Yan’s woman, cold is her temperament and bright is her beauty. The colorful figure is charming and ecstatic, but it is separated by the thin cool thousands of miles away, which makes you want to chase after weakness, love and ruthlessness.. Pick up the mood and walk into the real world to find the reason. It turns out that our living space is bright and clear, as clean as jade, and the air looks pale blue and clear, which is the evolution of the jade Qing realm.. Looking up, the clear white clouds are ethereal and mysterious, and the sky under the veil of clear gauze is the residence of the clear reality.. On the way up is the deep blue world, such as the clear mirror, is the 33 – day – old gentleman busy practicing Dan. In mythology, the three clean-ups that let us fear were right next to us.. Tao is natural, and it’s about luck. Maybe I am lucky today to be able to follow the autumn fairy’s hope in Sendai on Tianchan Mountain and listen to her statement.. But I saw her shaking her hand and playing the piano, talking like pearls falling on a jade plate, with a straight and round character and lingering sound..     Tian Zan Mountain is located in the north, with four distinct seasons. Leaves are falling at this time. The beauty of the autumn fairy is strong. Leng Xiang is amazing. She has come from wonderland, graceful and affectionate. If God is calm, eyes are brighter than the moon, and hands are soft and Yi.. Listening to the boulevard in the melodious sound of the piano, explaining the changes of the world when all things first came into being.. Since chaos gave birth to tai chi, tai chi has changed into yin and yang, and heaven and earth have been born. And then gave birth to the qi of the three talents, evolved the four elephants, changed the seasons, set the five elements, created clouds, thunder and lightning, and created everything. From then on, everything in the world, joys and sorrows, birth, death and death, all had stars, and all were linked by luck and luck..     I would like to enter into the name of autumn and wait in the shallow stream of years to count the stars’ changes and find out what the future will be like? Looking for a home in my life, I hope I can make love with Sendai for a long time and enjoy the past in my light tea..     In autumn, the Lingkong Mountain Temple, the morning clock and the evening drum make people fully understand and break the world of mortals.. Fall a leaf and know the autumn. Listen to Sanskrit and enter Zen. Cigarette smoke fills the air, Buddha worships devoutly beneath him, enters the world of mortals, does good deeds after several times of entering the world of mortals, strengthens his nature, goes through tribulations, and finally obtains the blissful world. In order to achieve the highest state of immortality, it is necessary to cultivate the true nature of Buddhism and integrate it with the past, present and future ones.. Buddha majored in heart, as long as he believed firmly and overcame the demons, no matter how many difficulties, setbacks or failures, he would always succeed if he persisted.. I have a good relationship with Buddha, and I have gained a lot by searching for the secret script of success.. Accompanied by the Autumn Fairy, the combination of enlightenment and Buddhism, the understanding of truth and famous saying, have already seen the fate and the way of the world thoroughly, clearly, far and true..     If a person wants to succeed, he has a certain chance, but also a firm heart, a strong will, hard work and good luck. I believe success will not be far away from each of us..     Autumn Fairy is very beautiful. I love her, love her beauty, love her purity, love her unique temperament. In the early morning, I met with you in the world of falling leaves, walking into the understanding of good mood, loving each other, and graceful and restrained fragrance.. Tomorrow I will set foot on the baseline of success and strive on the other side of the ideal, and the future situation will be great.