Asked Love

极速赛车公式 Chunshan volume ray of light patting Lakeshore shore, Ping Shan filled with sweets of faint fragrance ,, debuts on top of tall buildings, colorful unannounced.    Grass sprout drizzle ,, heart of the night sky along an infinite Luo Ji, warm wind carrying Jisi chill through the curtain, scattered on the pen scrolls documented, shades outline, a touch of crimson, like fireworks cleared, sparse string.    Pik days, yellow earth.One seat green.Dip a few strokes cloud Yao do color, rouge to tears.Sketch Chunyun near water, Guzhu quiet lane, hidden in the clear years, falling away, a ray of Smoke, one-third drift, suddenly thrust scattered on the lips, looming.    Chun Kun Yan Yan, dreams drifting away, the past has become empty, to feel tears double, Acacia blooming of the forehead, Parting tie him down with sadness, a thousand edge desolately the eyes, could not bear to hear, the vast dust matter, Yuehen silence in return, lean on a railing at, then climb the stairs but the faint of heart miss a trace of dust Mirage?    Yi Mei fluttering, feather light show reward, a latent wind spilled smoke dill places of the past have been conjugated to a friend cinnabar mole palm, silence at the end of Love, Come Away between Xi, after years have bright flowers dying in eyebrows, looking back Man Ting Huayu has Kuang Hua Xu chaos fly, enjoy cold green knot, setting sun ghosting, this time Ningdi, still feel scared.    Twist to dash past the gentle, listen to travel footsteps, breath trance, ups and downs in the affair somewhere, about the seal promise gone a long look in the dream Shen, among the flow, degenerated into a scissors Bodhi, Der Spiegel Zen.    Yu Meng Jing people, the dream is young, all the way to the dust, had cleared, all of Resentment, not the only cemented the Rye, it has been embedded in the old letters glance.    Whispering passed away tears pour water, clouds surreal look back, sails had to do, but can not carry a hundred thousand turn back fondly, Weak water three thousand, who can not speak sorrowful lingering poured let go of?    Moonlight Rongrong, incense in sleeves, grinding pen, shades of prints full of vicissitudes skeleton, sorrows and joys of the mind has been turned into a place of residual chapter punctuate, patches of feathers, vaguely meaning the water, filled the moon between pine , however vague interest-free.. Faint streaks of string sounds, nobody parked in front of the window, nowhere distraction of the complex, Lan past shake off the light in one place, in time and space to hang around wandering, lonely solitude complex, wan delivery fleeting, v. To make desolate Shu Yu season , below the fan Huan thin smoke, such as style War![Editor: men tree]