Chinese New Year memoirs

极速赛车公式 As time ran forward boom blaze of glory, always retained a memory of the warmest part, on those years of memories and thoughts will always be in my heart tumbling flood.Spring Festival, a happy, prosperous, reunion, to me, is a doubly missing loved ones day.And brothers together far more than the years, often across the yearning tears in.  1987 Chinese New Year, the year in our house seems to be a historic turning point, I just go to college, I was ten years studying the circle of the family of a dream.Big Brother has been wandering in the other place, and prosperity, the third brother’s business is booming, brothers are back from Jiamusi and Harbin, Liaoning New Year, at that time, seemed to be just a color photograph, in humble cottage parents live, we do rice, Xu Tan, camera, vaguely remember I wore a third brother bought me a brilliant yellow sweatshirt, stand-shoot cameras that record the harmony and prosperity of a family.  1990 Spring Festival, the first year I go to work, that year’s New Year’s Eve morning, Kiyoshi floating, my chief, a black man, but cautious leader said to me: “Amy, I go buy meat, you just go to work, shop and grass-roots are not familiar, the family knows that you go to work, and still manage a store unit, to influence the lives of the family.Also, we have a custom unit, the New Year to wear new clothes, buying meat for a while, you find your classmates accompany you to buy clothes, go to work when the New Year got to wear.”Later, the careful leadership, became my Secretary, that those words snow and New Year’s Eve to be accompanied by the warmth of my life.  1994 Spring Festival, have not eaten dinner, a little fool came to the New Year, this little fool the army coat and pulled out two cans of Jianlibao, said their families waiting for me to eat it, so he followed him to his home, the home of his parents and sister gathered around a table full of dishes, waiting for me, very moved, but more surprise is that there are a considerable number of New Year’s money.Received the people’s New Year’s money, no way, I married the fool, and later, he became the father of my daughter, my husband.  Chinese New Year in mid-1995, nine months before his daughter, I was thinking about that is Cougerenao back home, and thinking about her daughter, her mother stood on the balcony overlooking the house, I actually saw my father, my brother, my brother rushed propaganda even with gestures, probably let me go home for dinner, because my husband just tens of meters away from her family, with people saying, bolt rope, her parents will be able to slide from her husband’s family, brothers afraid of me homesick, eating dinner came to my house to see the baby, but I was homesick, like my parents and brother to eat it tastes familiar with dumplings.  Spring Festival, along with the thoughts of his brothers, accompanied by her daughter’s growth, year after year.  2005 Chinese New Year, everyone in her family had in my house, cancer after the mother, live in my house, my father passed away and then the whole family in her mother’s surgery that night, the New Year’s Eve, I stay with my mother and three brothers around the table in the laughter no past, our tears, pretending to be indifferent smile accompanied her to dinner.Life to death approaching, the Chinese New Year, is what it’s like.  2011 Spring Festival, mother at home less the first Spring Festival a kindly father, father died, and my heart missed a good father, miss distant relatives.  2013 Spring Festival, my three brothers were in Harbin, the country’s northernmost, southernmost Hainan Island, the Central Plains, Shandong, Liaoning New Year, together become a distant aspiration difficult to achieve the kind of hard.Third brother, a friend, a stranger working hard in Harbin, I call Mr. Mahone, I will become the only in the city of her family, the parents passed away, his brothers away all these years, has become Mahone part of my life, no regrets as he and his brothers to take care of me, gave me a lonely life adds a lot of affection and care, so in this coldest winter, I always worried about the well-being of Mahone, when they all enjoy the family sitting at the table, I always worried about one person alone in the city’s New Year Mahone, there is no dumplings, is not the usual fast food with every meal to pass the surface, so pack a lot frozen dumplings, ready and visit the different surname brother.  This Chinese New Year, my family and women beginning of a long, families with candidates, there are candidates in the room studying, ears do not hear things outside the door; her mother had carefully prepared to attend a lecture meal; everything home with food and love.My husband and I in addition to busy work, is to accompany candidates to class, a majority read with force in one, was removed outside hang, track, power base, Nangang, while waiting to stay in the corridor malls, bookstores, beauty salons, teacher’s house, the and so the car can leeward place during the Spring Festival, this is hard to read with, not to mention, but the hearts of the burning fire of hope, hope that their daughter pass the examination, best for the future.  Today is New Year’s Eve, New Year’s so-called positive day, the world of all things are balanced, when the old life away, there will be a new life coming to you, unless Year of the Dragon good luck, good luck to usher in Year of the Snake , happy dance melody and write a chapter pass the examination, send sincere wishes, the Year of the Snake, let my loved ones, my family, my friends, my husband, my daughter, and myself, I about Big brother, brother, third brother, always accompanied by good luck Mahone, wishful around the side.New Year, resigned sadness, storage auspicious; resigned confusion, savings easily; resigned worry, the accumulation of warmth; resigned anxiety, savings cozy; resigned pressure, serene wishful.Happy Year of the Snake!