Chinese New Year subsidizing “blessing” of the origin of the custom of

极速赛车公式 In the Spring Festival, we have posted the custom word blessing, usually most people to lose the word blessing, blessing to take the meaning of.But folklore experts said the word blessing attached to a lot of stress, not all have the word blessing stickers backwards, the word blessing on the door should be positive with stickers, meaning blessing came, but also reflects the solemn and respectful means.  The word blessing in Chinese folk is not an ordinary word, it encompasses almost all the good, both affluence, wealth prosperity, but also a healthy and safe, harmonious and happy, but also peace and prosperity, peace and harmony.Usually, people put these good expectations hides in the heart, until the new year, people will turn the hearts of the pledge into a lucky character, upright, thick pen re-written in red ink on paper, attached to the door, screen wall outside the house and the most conspicuous place, subsidizing the word blessing, is one of the most common presentation.  The word blessing stickers on the door must be positive response, Shaanxi Normal University folklore expert Fu Gongzhen said a long time, Chinese folk convention will lose the word blessing, whichever is down and to the homophonic, meaning blessing to, but this is only folklore norms and practices not to say.  Accordance with the norms of folk pay attention, not all should be so lucky character stickers, especially the door panel.Fu words on the door must always be positive paste, a symbol of welcome Hannaford Fort Worth meaning, and the entrance door is the family a dignified and respectful place, affixed to the word blessing, to be solemn and righteous, dignified and generous, so it It should be positive paste.  Two interior can lose folklore, the word blessing can come out ahead in some indoor places, such as on tanks and bins, because the thing these two articles are poured out from the inside, in order to evade the family fortune drained , then pour clever use of homophonic word to word, subsidizing the word blessing, but also a blessing to offset blessing to go to express their yearning for a better life.  Another place you can lose the word blessing is in place on the cabinet inside the house, the cabinet is storing things goods, subsidizing the word blessing, good fortune has come to represent the family, the house and closet.  Where to subsidizing practices?  It is said that the custom of blessing lose the word from the Qing Dynasty Prince Gong House.It is said that the custom of blessing lose the word from the Qing Dynasty Prince Gong House.On the eve of the Spring Festival a year, to discuss the master butler favor, as usual, he wrote many a good word makes affixed to the Treasury and the palace gates, a home people were illiterate, the word blessing door stickers on the mistake down.  To this end, Prince Gong was very angry, thanks to the housekeeper eloquent, kneeling on the ground subservient to say: I often hear people say, Prince Kung Fu Gao Shou great big good fortune, and now really big blessing to (down), and is the auspicious omen.  Prince Gong listening I thought, no wonder passers-by say a blessing to Prince Gong House (down), the Kyrgyz language said a thousand times, gold and silver increased enormously, a happy, and they rewarded the butler pour the paste blessing retainers.  Later, subsidizing vulgar word of blessing on the first official passed by the people of the people, and are willing to passers-by or a few words talking urchin: the blessing, and a blessing to!  How couplets posted?  In addition to paste the word blessing Chi Fernando Cheung outside, every household paste couplets Chinese New Year is also essential.Fu Gongzhen said couplets posted to be successfully implemented, should be in accordance with the traditional post couplet of people towards the door stand, right hand on the left hand is under formulas that couplet of the sentence shall be affixed on the right hand side (ie to the left of the door), on the sentence should attached to the left-hand side (that is, the right of the door).Scrolls up and down together posted to children should not be too high or too low, should generally be subject to the level of the lintel.  No matter what the content of the joint language, with its upper and lower parts of speech to be consistent, ze should be proportionate, the words scroll reads the words chosen should summarize or supplement the role of the Union speech, to make the whole couplets express a festive New Year’s age atmosphere, reflecting the people’s pursuit of a better life and vision.