Ching Ming Festival of snow

极速赛车公式 A spring snow at midnight a few years ago is quietly floated.The snow like a silent note, pointedly tapping the dark night of the speakers, in addition to sleeping ear can sense their own rhythm rhythmic beat, like snow together and come to this midnight thousand arrows, you can not capture the slightest wisps of sound.In other words, before the snow drifted to earth, it will hide themselves in a group unknown in the depths of the cloud or a gust of wind.An elusive snow falling with a great chance, despite the global meteorological satellite positioning can be taken to glimpses of the weather change, it probably can only predict astronomical phenomena, but can not say exactly somewhere sometime will rain snow, it is also believed to have been used to treat the suspect also not surprising Weather Forecast.    Has entered the summer season, the summer sun as shiny needle bar into the human skin.Hot sun covered with roads, buildings and rush of the crowd.The rush of the crowd will certainly have an encounter with a person or a few snow that spring, compared to the burning sun, light spring snow like a willow in the wind to touch people’s arms and cheek.Spring snow has been away from the current summer, although snow can not be asked to stay, but can be missed or recall.    A return from oblivion in the snow, do not need people with open arms or twisted Yangko greet the arrival of snow.In the snow into the air one day festival at night, I do not know the snow is to arrive in a city where a river or a mountain range along the.That night, I wander alone in the river, like a sleepwalking reed, like I was looking for something, then what is like to wait in the dike protecting the city, I was in the shadow shadow.Night was deep, slap Jiang Feng Jiang Tao, one of the lights on the pier by the ferry, carrying luggage of travelers hurried up and down.Pier mouth, someone suddenly shouted: it began to snow, find hotel living!Quiet midnight, the cry was sharp, like a ship anchor river splashing sound.Tonight there is snow, I can go anywhere?I said to myself, as if asking himself like to ask falling snow on the nose.The ferry set sail whistle torn apart by deep river of wind drove the snowy night, the sky flying spring snow left in the city and a lonely man in the dock.Needless to say, liners and snow at the same time arrived in the city just a chance encounter things in the course of the campaign, the snow is not contained to the ferry, the ferry can not be carried away Spring snow.Snow covered only for the arrival or falling, it is like the sun for the light to illuminate the same.Snow falling silently, like a giant bird in tear broken wings, the roof of the building and the street on the road, covered with white feathers.I understand that the external appearance of snow tonight is not the night scene came to decorate the city, it seems to imply a certain outcome and set up the system, which they can not make the appearance of being intrinsically peep.I therefore feel dazed and confused.Snow in my hair.I shook my head, snow fell to the shin neck, the hair slowly and white.One day, my hair will become snow white, this white metaphor for the end of the world comes to life, escape is futile and fear, a person is comfortable with rational choice.I felt the cold!My eyes on the river looking for the black vast, snowy night eastward to Jiang Tao, a few boats moored on the river bank shallows, fishing boat was surrounded by snowflakes swirling children.I know that the fishing boat was not warm Nightcrawler strange, only own the house lights to send wisp of warmth for my cold heart.Snowy night, two rows deep and shallow footprints, leading to a Nightcrawler house lodge solitary lamp.    Wake up, already in the morning.Rather, it is the twitter of birds singing outside the window woke me up in the Persimmon.The sun suspended in the blue of the sky, such as washing, presented the outline of the city is a white hue.White wizard-like flying snow to go, as the ferry departed last night, snow fell on the ground among the leaves and the grass is dead snow.People everywhere silver, pure white snow pity, adding the death could not bear to use the word, but instead was called with snow.For the temerity to attack the frozen snow flies, people will not hesitate to say that it is dead flies.That being said, the snow in the hearts of people, containing sentimentalism and heroic means.For me, no need to use pen and ink rendering, describe what the city snow after snow scenery.I saw the snow a few blackbird pecking at something, what seems to have been intimidated birds, fluttering fly to Kunming, the snow there are some messy Zhaohen.Queensland coal pull the ball shelf car, Che Gulu stained slippery slush, with coal man to mention fast speed, had to bowed lower.    In early summer, I went back to the countryside, in the edge of a field of rapeseed harvest mother.I squeezed his hand shell rapeseed, grain is not what it seems full.Mother sighed and said, Qingming is a few days ago that snow, flowering oilseed rape was being hit snow, the rapeseed harvest to be satisfactory.Mother looked at the snow white hair wrinkles intertwined faces, the Spring Festival, that snow, cold plume wafting in my heart.