Fear and love

极速赛车公式 www.2chex.com Part One: —— worry and love you gave me life unbearable weight question in mind: the Bowl, anything for autumn sad painted fans, lightly but it is changing people’s minds, but Road, so people are fickle, Li Shan language clear night and a half strike, Lei Yu zero bell end does not complain.Ru heartless silk clothing Lang, the day is willing to fly wing to wing with sticks!  Early morning light slanting rain the name of my brow hair, perfectly clear nourish my heart, ticking rain enjoin accompanied my footsteps playing the sad melody on the trails of the park, Rose Park, elegant open, a touch of incense, scattered on the ground is lonely!Glass in dense winding Li Xia, I always like this mood, a touch of sadness always brought me to that era – you gave me life unbearable weight, I will use a lifetime to repay!  Huiyin is a life full of legendary women, not only in the construction literary attainments, but also emotionally dramatic.In her life three men for the love of her life, as she has changed their life trajectory.Liang – Huiyin husband, marriage, Liang asked Huiyin: “There is a saying, I only ask this once, after all not ask, why me?”Lin Huiyin A:” The answer is very long, I’m starting a life to answer you, once Huiyin Distressed said: Sicheng, my pain, and I fell in love with two people at the same time, I can not decide, do not know what to do we go.Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin love with one to know Mr. Jin, want to break up with him and could not bear.However, after ideological struggle, he told Huiyin: “You are free, if you choose the Lao Jin, I wish you happiness forever.Is so brief and sincere answer, the result is a lifetime commitment Huiyin “You gave me life unbearable weight, I will use my life to repay.”!  Mr. Jin scholar, dean of philosophy, the second of her life in her beloved man, after hearing of Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin fall in love with two men answered, he said to the emblem because: think to say this word, you can see he is really love you, would not you be a little bit aggrieved that I can not hurt a person really loves you, I withdraw it ,, in this relationship, he is great, he withdrew but he always stood away from the logo because they do not far away, silently watching her, silently paying his heart, for she never married.Huiyin memorial service at her mention of him to get elegiac couplet: “a poetic Chihiro waterfall, vancomycin Rhapsody.”He is the interpretation of a lifetime because of his deep love for the emblem.  ”I am a cloud in the sky, the occasional wave projection in your heart you do not have surprised, but no joy wiped out in an instant trace.We meet in the dark sea, you have yours, I have my direction; you remember Ye Hao, the best you forget, put each other in this encounter bright!”This is Xu Lin Huiyin last poem addressed to” accidental “, Xu is also a passionate wit, no lack of good women around, Ling Shuhua Zhang Youyi LiuXiaoMan but his passionate a person would only Huiyin.In mid-1931 in order to return home to listen to speeches Huiyin, aircraft crash accident, he loves to put on Huiyin’s paradise!  A soul-stirring between three men love women, always perception of the hearts of men, let’s muddy thoughts can become perfectly clear that.I like Huiyin, not because she was passionate, he thought fairly conservative in that era, she was very brave, treat her with a clear conscience Liang Sicheng.If I can not do like her, always think before they can sight to behold, spared!Always thought he would not be very free and easy worldly tie him down!Always thought he was still in the original dream remains!Always thought of all sorts, but it is no longer!Because I have experienced too little, or too much because I believe in this world, we believe that the world will eventually legend “April days”?Meet before time always become memories after passing through the sieve of time wins, as the flower – bud – in full bloom – Autumn fall – loneliness – of silt, peach blossoms fade Chun hurry, there are so many has not yet cleared incense nor not buried in the soil!Just like in life, I walked on, forget that some people can not join hands with the old, it is best not to touch, the best parallel to Road.Because you’re just a vast expanse in front of me, it can be a long choppy endless stream.And I was just a touch of a calm lake, can only ripples!Shades of fate, after all, do not care, just as Lin Huiyin, rusty moon pen paper and ink sealed in past years, the distribution of the scent of ink is permanent, drift with the breeze in the world, stay in that dim light!The only difference is: when I look back, that person is no longer!Who, pale who wait persistent!In fingertips gently across the traces left by but it is sadly sinking!If life is only as strike, we would not have so many heartbroken from the War!If life is only as strike, they will not have to look back nostalgic look back!If life is only as strike, that I would not have wiped away the hurt!If life is only as strike, everything will change!Treasure not have, do not miss the nostalgia, is not destined to meet.Kuwata has now sailed the seven seas, the highest power to silence with that reality, what a wonderful “mountains have been worn Heaven is the king must dare to” calm mountain for love, for love of water Smart, now vowed to describe the reality is so pale and weak ah!Beautiful mirage of total no match for a fleeting moment, is to get out to hurt segment, let this hurt in my heart forever buried it!I used to have a saying: “a person’s life, there is always a lingering memory will make you heart, there is always a situation makes you burst into tears, has shown signs of life, with too much happiness will appear in a corner, hit the right time to the right people get the right last a lifetime of happiness!”And I said: Should anyone give me life too heavy a burden, then I will be a lifetime to repay!  Strike through, stunning.Looking back, the sea has become Kuwata, but it has long been, a changed world.Part II: fear and love a warm winter afternoon, a man sitting alone in the study, brew a cup of tea, lit a cigarette, and that sets the old desktop audio came the song Paul Romo Maria “loveisblue” of song.Taste the touch of a cup of tea, sucking the bitter cigarette, melodious music in the ears flying.Love is blue, blue is melancholy, and I was totally immersed in this melancholy love the.Nightlife Network is the world best feelings of love, may always have a lot of love and sorrow are intertwined.Because there are worries so there is love, because there are worries it will know better cherish!  Back in 2005, the golden autumn.October 29, an ordinary day, but for our 85th high school students who is a memorable day, for me it is full of expectations, that day is the twentieth anniversary of our high school graduation together again moments.A blue dream, a melancholy dream, this dream but I do not know the day is not possible to achieve it?There is not much hope, no more luxury, just, just wanted to see him again silent Summerside.Twenty years, how he is doing?Well we have had a?That day came early to school, find a school you can clearly see the edge of the window, standing there alone, eagerly looking forward to his arrival.Time goes by very quickly, almost was noon, the students have come to the party more than forty, but still could not see him finally appears.Or is go the eye?Or is it out of recognition?A lost emotion came over, and later found out that he is otherwise engaged, you can not come, a sense of melancholy that haunt my mind, though never had a beginning, but still can not forget themselves Loving.  People in this life, how much sorrow enveloped the heart, and how much love buried in the bottom of my heart.After a life, I realized that sadness is a kind of selfless care, but also a beautiful endless, the same as that song demonstrates, desirable, people intoxicated.Life is the original taste, such as a cup of tea, early drinking lightly, fine chemicals fragrance.  People in this life, to worry about the storm, just because you love too real; people in this life, for love of the storm, just because your heart is too true.  Deep sorrow, cut love, sorrow and tears of love!    Part III: fear and love thank goodness you coming!- borrow Cui lines, thanks to this year’s essay topic and teachers in Jiangsu.I am a college entrance examination in 1983, the old school, remember that the essay is a caricature: a young man in digging wells, dug shades of several vertical hole, call it a day leave.Accordingly comic essay requires us to write an essay of not less than 800 words.  When my level of writing, still one of the best in class, because I have a high moment “chunks” seen “Xinhua Daily”.So I do not tough job faced, put pen to paper and wrote I still remember the first paragraph: to achieve “four modernizations” rejuvenating the Chinese nation, is the dream of the party and the youth of our generation.Juanmian the little gay comic, I do not know what you’re thinking, and in doing.Cho powerful country, whom you need to sweat blood, you actually get shovels, painting rings of ring, kick the tires, so when you can achieve the four modernizations?- from the outset that the article enlightening, and ultimately I was at a distance difference between the two points with the University missed, gnawing regret for life.  Write down this memory, exceedingly sad.I could not 30 years ago, the candidates, and then get back on my missed the examination room.But I have not forgotten my college entrance examination, although not admitted to the university, but fear and love entrance complex has been staggering, with my life.  1987, is a final exam in my life.Because of love, with the forbidden fruit.Mothers also absolutely out of question than the Queen Mother in heaven: either abortion or let go.Teacher, but I have experienced the college entrance examination, ah, between fear and love, I know what fear, what is love, since I love eating the forbidden fruit, I will live and die with the people I love with.So I chose the responsibility, I saved my life journey eligibility to stand the test.  Mid-1992, life gave me out of a question.I was with business circles, it can effortlessly place among the ranks of the “million households”.Or was that on top of the head and put down an olive branch, get tickets, or play pen?I have to make a decision.Is concerned with the complex entrance love occupy my mind, without the slightest hesitation, the next day to go to work organs.With contemporary politics, leadership and learning for a whole 8 years.Even went to the same college entrance examination results of the year, enlightening article, full of sorrow and love can not save the planned economic entity.I have authority from the sea.  In 2003, in a distraught state, the advertising company I founded, together with her daughter I worry with music by Henry in the examination; in 2006, my company went into advertising, working for other companies to turn.Daughter go to college, I also put light weight to worry about food and clothing, and increased support for her daughter to learn, live and work.  Waiting for the worry and love, I have white hair early.Daughter buy a house, get married, give birth, at the same time upgrade the seniority I devoted too much to pay, but I started a new subject to Hang.I often say to her daughter and son in law: Some people are Fenheng results, and our generation is subjected to the process.Life is like a college entrance examination, there are worries love sky really is the most beautiful.    Part Four: fear and love pay homage to some youth, forgetting heartbreak, sadness buried in words.  - Inscription all the outcomes have been doomed, all the tears have been set off, but suddenly forgotten how the kind of a start.  In the summer the old and not come back, no matter how I go recourse, the younger you are just the same as passing clouds shadow of your smile very light very light, it melted into the sunset group Arashi.  Then opened the title page was yellow, his fate will be bound so bad.  I have tears in their eyes, I read the first reading, but had to admit that youth is a very sad book.  When the days become old photos, old photographs become memories when we became a back-to pedestrians walking along different directions, step by step away from the stubborn, not Athens, not Rome, no way back.  I hid in a time of youth, palm miss some time; hiding inflection youth, miss a standing antecedents, standing at the path, let me worry about people.Our youth, the worry is that a person, but also a love of youth, a lot of things, we knew they were wrong, they can go to insist, because, can not be reconciled; a lot of people, we obviously know that love is also I am going to give up, because there is no end; many times, even if they know the road ahead is not, but also the first line, because, accustomed to.  Astringent sinking pure heart, left behind, had not been picked up.Eyes dry traces of the wind, nowhere to hide.In this lonely night, listening to the rain outside the window, swing your ear whisper, unwittingly put dissolved in warm rain which.This summer rain, continuous, rinse enjoy it once sad memories.Song cycle is repeated every day is a day like this, no new ideas, no tricks, always want to get out of this life, I think I would change, but I do not know what time.Confused eyes, you’ll never see, the text is always so bleak, sad.The only way to fill the lonely hearts of fear and pain only in the character type wanton fly.Looking at the mood had left notes, each carrying inside the text will take that touch of sadness, inter suddenly taken together, no longer stand.  I looked up into the direction of heaven, the thoughts condenses into raindrops together, in the barren world, haunted infatuation with lingering hope, through time and space, flying over the sea.Passing the horizon, flying over the Cape.In that emotion there, everywhere wandering, displaced.Wanton walking, any residence, who will not stop my footsteps.  Mo off the rainy season, past youth, lock time, lock the only warmth, lock your memories about everything.  Youth, destined to be a bright sadness.Those bloom swaying, wandering those rainy season.Sad my sad, happy with your happiness, love the people I love, or deep or shallow memories, or sad or happy youth, different interpretation of experience, there is the same sorrow.Sorrow and love, co-existence.Looking back, still sad, lover already buried between heart; it turned away back, drifting away, turned into a blurred misty shadow, scattered in my youth in sadness.In tears wet memory, sorrow and love, carved into life eternal War.  Gazing, smile, half the city smoke sand eventually annihilation of youth can not forget the sad, the only standing in his place quietly watch a loved one.    Part Five: fear and love and my mom talked about this yesterday, Jiangsu college entrance essay, I asked my mom for this year’s “concern and love” have any idea, Mom said: “Look a man loves you or not, just look at him ( she) whether they contain sad eyes.”I suddenly surprised a moment, then agreed noncommittally.  Love you, heart; heart, so care; care, so worry.  This is a moment, I though the surface as usual, but my mind was thrown acid intended.  how long?Not go home?Really it is not that busy busy busy this back at school?Pretext.  We always mind too much space left to their own emotions, such as love, friendship.Lovers unhappy, depressed you uncomfortable, he kept myself in the tangle that is not what do not mess with him (her) happy friends?Then that spring to talk about love to watch myself now in a crisis period, poor mood.Friends have fallen out, your heart also muffled, feeling Wohuo, then everyone in the state to Table I of friendship crisis, declined to speak.Some people are not happy, we will be, too – like concurrent mood Gesha say what you say what state?That may not necessarily bar.The premise is the case you have to know, you know what the problem is?I know why they are not happy?  Been busy ah ah busy, busy looking for Prince Charming can be sad for you that way;’ve been chasing ah ah chase, chasing can solve problems for you to find Destiny’s Child ah.Some people, they do not keep you busy, do not you chase, but instead most likely to be ignored.Whose eyes will be consistently sad mouth, word of mom woke me point.  Two analysis Mom, I noncommittal think of a word: “When a man loves you, he only has eyes for affection; when he does not love you, eyes only desire.”Indeed, love to the extreme only hurt.  Sometimes, love is very simple, as people can pay you without paying for it worth your effort to love.  But, in reality fantasy illusion painted on too much.  Walk on the edge of the crossroads, walking on tiptoe gingerly, for fear of cross-border, but still can not avoid to touch.  Since we can not avoid, as head-on.  Even hurt black and blue, miserable, we can only humbly hiding in the corner licking their wounds, at least you still holding chips.  Sometimes love needs a little passion in order to maintain its shelf life; love sometimes takes a little pain to fatigue in its wake.Sometimes you need a little love to imagine that sounded to its dormant period.  In the kingdom of love, joy, happiness do not occupy around all too often accompanied by the sadness and pain.  Although very few, but I would also like to believe religiously, because not want to be assimilated secular, I do not want to live a very humble.  Look at a person loves you or not, just look at him (her) if they contain sad eyes.It seems to be such and such.    Part VI: fear and love several storms from the people worry, worry about who is the most florid Mo?Magnificence coldest slightly shallow pan, pour word for love.How pity?How sleep?  Drunk forget themselves, Sparse bleak.Difficult sea, the lights dim people anxious.  Why worry is so deserted, so thorough?  Why love is so thin, so shallow?  Southern Tang legacy.My worry is that you defeated country broken, love is your swan song word.  And you first met, the young do not know worry, only said Qijue original can be interpreted as fireworks in your Tears of Blood sound, gorgeous unparalleled.  I was just in the Red earthly wandering lonely lonely spectators, that you love this pond, round moon.  Years later, dreams of Southern Tang, I walked Mirage, sandalwood smoke curl, nobile with step shake, but not long drink stormed Jianjun.  Emperor, the emperor, in the end you ruined that country, or the country to ruin you?  When the king died, the world smoke of war.  I worry I complain, God gave you ambition, giving you ideal, given the talent you achieve the ideal, but life does not give you the opportunity to display their completed.  Here, glare, bustling street, flashy world, at that moment you leave, dying away.  At that moment, the flowers fall for the king to resign.  At this moment, I depict the ways of the world of sorrow, spread in troubled times.  Allow me to say domineering “to accompany the monarch drunk laugh some 30,000, no complaints from the injury.”There’s always two people put them together, in the Southern Tang emperor, Nalan is to the Manchu.Your word wind, fresh Juanxiu, Aigan stubborn Yan, quite near the Southern Tang emperor.  You once said: “the word among the flowers, such as the ancient jade, precious does not apply; Song applicable and less expensive, while its Li Yu and the United States, but the cause blurred Rao smoke water.”Nice, nice.I also like the two people.Because of your praise more vivid.Due to a “Bowl” just seven words enough to make me fall, you get out of this life of drinking word, Beauty and Sadness.  In fact, you name it Nalanrongruo this beautiful scenery, stunning teach people.Meaning of Innocent elegant dandy.  Love the quiet beauty of that time, Wang Chuan Chuan a youthful, but since the winter snow withered, nestled off a lifetime of loneliness, lonely accompany Millennium wait, worry hard heart drunk.Said Hugh said, love to the palpitations, the end is not escape, can not escape that first saw in a commitment to each other, said Hugh said, love to the edge to make, but it had been replaced, and replaced that one goodbye in each other all is lost.  Those broken times, to pay homage to the fleeting, these days?  If we can not see, the case gone, and so gone, out of sight, can not love, do not read, tireless, tire.Light tearful title, points sleepless, he passed away a fade cool smoke.  You say, bet the book tea, drink pour feast, and later, from cold westerly, who read crazy.  Later, extremely like you occupied slightest worry that a plume complain of “picking mulberries”.  ”Who turned Yuefu bleak song, the wind rustling.Rain rustling, thin to make snuff another night.  I do not know what is going to weigh arms, wake up too boring.Drunk too boring.Ever dream to Xieqiao.”Lovely flowers are everywhere, so all may pay with piles of rubbish.  Half of the setting sun, roll through the curtain, no thread can not worry opposite direction.  Hasty flies covering the years past, cast a hurried touch of sadness.  Nalan, Nalan, you say you are a human melancholy off, the world is not rich flowers.Who I’d like to re-live the king to stay?Sigh life, turning a few clutch, then into old age.  You know how to say that students of window dressing, I do see this grow with you.  Flowers open, after the bustling stay Zanko; coldest residue, alone and melancholy heart.  Why worry is so deserted, so thorough?  Why love is so thin, so shallow?  Empty hope, streamer has been late.  Sorrow and love, Yan Debu consider.