Take your ice cream named

极速赛车公式 www.2chex.com Love test: Do you desire love test begins: If your friend will design a new ice cream, especially with your name to name, what you want to add some ingredients on top of it?  A, color chocolate balls B, crushed walnut C, strawberry jam d, peanut debris test results: cold and sweet ice cream, a symbol of love, but also a metaphor you are already in love with the other half are enjoying the taste of the ups and downs of love, added ingredients on ice cream, is a symbol of the degree of stimulation of love.So, from your choice of ingredients, you can see the love you desire.  A, colored chocolate balls: exciting type selection of colorful chocolate balls, mean you are a greedy person, and more than one person wants to write a different history of love.You not only greedy for love and only three minutes, it is difficult for you to settle down.  B, crushed walnuts: comprehensive care not everyone accept this type of walnut?Incense, can be said to be an adult taste.You want a mature love trophies to fine dining lover candle light dinner will make you happier, and you want them to take care of thoughtfulness make you grow.  C, strawberry jam: sweet sweet honey type strawberry girl is feeling the most fruit, but also the most representative of fairy-tale love.Sweet and sour taste more like the love of adventure; able to talk about a sweet love with Prince Charming, live happily, is what you dream.  d, peanut pieces: like-minded peanut fragrant and crisp, a symbol of happiness cheerful love.You want the couple to each other are also friends with the same interests, like-minded.In addition, you care about spiritual exchange, rather than simply lust relationship.