To win with fewer wars: Battle of Red Cliff

极速赛车公式 Once again the famous Three Kingdoms period to win with fewer battles – the Battle of Red Cliff Cao Cao pacification of northern basic, advanced south, ready to unify the country in one fell swoop.Soochow Sun Quan and Liu Bei joint to resist Cao, Cao defeated in Chibi, get Battle of Chibi victory.Battle of Guandu, Cao Cao defeated Yuan Shao increased their strength.AD 207, Cao Cao Swinger Hebei, Tri-County North levy Wuhuan, eliminate residual Yuan.In January 208, Cao Cao returned to Ye County, making basaltic pool training navy, ready Nanzheng, unified world.In July, Cao Cao’s troops on the south, in an attempt to destroy occupy Jingzhou Liu Biao and Sun Quan stationed Koto.In August, Liu Biao died of illness, his son Liu Cong stationed in Xiangyang, Liu Bei Fancheng troops.Cao slowed down the speed of the march, put pressure on the Jingzhou troops.Sun Quan was sent to condole the name of Lu Su went to observe the situation Jingzhou, Liu Biao and Liu Bei wanted to co-men, the common fight against Cao Cao.Lu Su En route to that Cao Cao has to enter Jingzhou Jingzhou, Xiangyang went on day and night.Liu Cong stationed in Jingzhou, without a fight.Liu Bei when being deployed to meet the enemy, that Liu Cong surrendered, Cao has been a Wancheng.In September, Cao Cao arrived in the new field (this is Henan) accepted the surrender of Liu Cong, Cao Cao Liu Biao incorporated Tribes, known as the 800,000 troops advance to the Yangtze River.Liu Bei, Cao Cao in order to avoid the drive, led by Zhuge Liang et al., And more than 100,000 soldiers and civilians rush to Gangneung (now Hubei Jingsha) evacuation, and let Guan Yu led more than 10,000 troops along the Han River water, water realignment Sujiang.Liu Bei Yang arrived Nagasaka (now Dangyang territory), met Lu Su, accepted his suggestion decided to jointly fight Cao Cao Wu.Cao Cao’s army was already over Xiangyang, lest he first occupied Jiangling Liu Bei, personally fall 5000 fine cavalry, day and night to catch up with Liu Bei, which was defeated, and captured Xu Shu’s mother, Xu Shu forced to pledge allegiance.Zhang led the 20 cavalry riding off, removed Nagasaka bridge, the bridge stand alone Lema, Cao fear of ambush, the former can not row.Liu Bei took the opportunity to escape to the summer population, convergence and Guan Yu, Liu Qideng people.Meanwhile, Liu Bei sent Zhuge Liang went to Sun Wu, Sun Quan jointly fight Cao Cao.Sun Quan Zhou Yu as the commander led to 30,000 troops, in Wulin, Chibi against Cao Cao.Cao Junshi soldiers mostly northerners are not good at water war, but also just to catch the plague, are blocked in Red Cliff Liu and Sun coalition.Cao played in defeat, forced along stationed in Jiangbei Wulin (now Hubei Honghu County), confrontation with the coalition forces across the Sun Liu.In order to facilitate the exercise of Cao Cao navy, ordered the warships are connected end to end, forming one, waiting for the opportunity to defeat the enemy.Zhou Yu Huang Gai’s plan adopts veteran, decided to use the fire attack on Fu Caojun.He made a pretense Huang Gai surrendered to Cao Cao, after a surprise move.Cao Cao confident to win this war, the enemy off guard.Huang Gai select the appropriate time to send its ships approaching Cao, command point on the board salary grass, wind and fire boat ride to Cao warships, warships suddenly thrown into a sea of fire.Shore camp has also been affected, Cao numerous casualties.Zhou Yu and so took the opportunity to rush his troops, defeated Cao.Cao Cao led the remnants from Huarong (now Hubei Jiangnan latent) fled to Gangneung, troops lost more than half.Cao has been unable to fight another day, just to get away.How to design to get rid of Zhou Yu Cao will drop Cai Mao and Zhang Yun?Chibi war, Jiang Gan Cao Cao sent lobbyists to persuade Zhou Yu submission own.Jiang Gan Zhou Yu to the large account after Zhou Yu Jiang Gan dinner, dinner, expressed his will not betray Soochow.After that, he pretended to get drunk and sleep in the same bed with Jiang Gan.Zhou Yu pretended to sleep at night, Jiang Gan saw on the table a letter, written on Cai Mao and Zhang Yun would like to seal it out of view.He learned from the letter Cai Mao and Zhang Yun secretly colluded with Soochow ready to destroy Cao.Morning, Jiang Gan heard someone report it to Zhou Yu to contact someone Jiangbei.Zhou Yu deliberately let it softly, but also to see whether Jiang Gan had fallen asleep.Jiang Gan pretended to sleep until after Zhou Yu and asleep, and quickly report it to return Cao Ying Cao Cao.After that Cao Cao did not find out, will Cai Mao and Zhang Yun two beheaded.To Zhou Yu Huang Gai when beheaded, why not plead Zhuge Liang?Zhou Yu and Huang Gai agreed with defrauding the trust of Cao Cao desperate measure, Zhou Yu Huang Gai deliberately not in line with the views.Zhou Yu Huang Gai should pull out when beheaded, Lu Su Huang Gai to quickly intercede and hinted standing at the side of Zhuge Liang also plead together.But Zhuge Liang did not plead a little mean.Wait until after Huang Gai is punishable by caning, Lu Su Zhuge Liang came to the big camp asked him: veteran Huang Gai was hit today, we are pleading, you are guests, why do nothing about it?After listening to Zhuge Liang face a slightly changed: Zijing (Lu Su, the word Zijing), you bully me ah!Lu Su was wondering: I have been good to you, ah, ah where you have to bully?Zhuge Liang laughed and said: This is Zhou Yu and Huang Gai play in a desperate measure, ah, how can I just say that out of it?Some do not believe Lu Su, Zhuge Liang then said: Do not tell it Zhou Yu, or he has trouble looking me.You and he said I was blaming on the line.Lu Su agreed to return to the big tent Zhou Yu, Lu Su Zhou Yu will ask Zhuge Liang views on the matter.Lu Su Zhuge Liang asked to answer in accordance with the.Zhou Yu was very pleased: this time hidden from him.Su asked him how it was.Zhou Yu replied: This is my paralysis Cao Cao and Huang Gai in order to better implement Zhajiang count was done.Zhuge Liang did not know about it, it seems that this person may not be able Dide Guo me.Lu Su listening very surprised, very much appreciated Zhuge Liang to heart.