Penguin Qipa love swan song

极速赛车公式 On August 15, a penguin named Nils in Edinburgh Zoo Guard inspected the King of Norway.On this day, it was awarded the knighthood, becoming the first Norwegian jazz history with wings.Niels original Ming Qipa, born in the sub-Antarctic island of Marion.In 2007, a private expedition from the United Kingdom embarked on this island off the beaten track, and pleasantly surprised to find a large number of emperor penguins.At that time, the penguin mating season, there are three penguins attracted the attention of players, among them being played wins the love of a war.I saw a beautiful female penguin standing on the edge of the reef, the other two male penguins just the outstretched wings back and forth in circles in stone, it seems a strange hop dance competition.The outcome soon appeared, a female penguin waddle walk in front of the winner, affectionately rub the rub its body, be full stop to this war courtship.Two penguins jumped into the sea and began merrily chased.Defeated male penguins happy couple looking at the water, seemed lonely and lonely.Poor little guy.Adams sigh inspection team.Just then, something unexpected happened, saw the original is in a daze of male penguins suddenly Jiben a few steps, jump into the water, close to the couple fast unto.It turned out to be a seal ghostly quietly approaching a female penguin, suddenly mouth wide open, snapped at the female penguin’s feet, while its new lover then fled in panic toward the shore.Seeing a female penguin will drowning enemy port, arrived the dog leaps male penguins as lightning, heavy crashed into the seal body.Angered hit this guy, it is open to the mouth of the food, turned toward the male penguins.Clever male penguins swing wings toward the reef not far, may at this moment it is ready to leap onto the reef, it was a seal bite the tail, struggling to earn it, and finally dragged his bloody body leapt reef.Blood continues to gush from the wound to the male penguins.It is saved in a limp female penguin near to it, with the head touching the rescuer dying, mouth bursts whine.Adams no longer stand it, he will be male penguins bring back to the ship, accompanied by a doctor of its wounds were emergency treatment.However, the ship’s medical condition was too limited, so only the brave penguin to investigate the players decided to advance the end of the journey, return immediately UK.They also played a penguin famous name – Qipa.Back in England, Qipa immediately to the animal hospital for specialized treatment, after six months of intensive care, it’s completely healed injury, but the spirit has been in the doldrums.After deliberation, the inspection team decided to Qipa to Edinburgh Zoo, where there was a penguin park, which is home to more than twenty emperor penguins.By this time, Qipa story also has been known to the public through the network.At this time, the King of Norway Guard just came to Edinburgh Zoo pick the legend of Qipa naturally became the obvious choice as a penguin mascot Guard, has.It is named after the renamed Niels Olaf, he has also been promoted to honorary colonel commander.Can be promoted to commander Colonel Nils, the life of any substantial changes did not occur, it is always alone and depressed all day.First half of 2008, Edinburgh Zoo has for three blind date arranged Niels.I do not know what the reason may be, without the slightest tempted Niels.At this point, news came from the Norwegian royal family, the royal family made a surprising decision: to grant the title of Sir Nils!The world’s first winged jazz was born!In this case, the inspection team were set off once again went to Marion Island, continue to study the task is not completed more than a year ago.Before long, careful, David discovered a very special female penguins in the penguin population, it’s one foot slightly lame.David suddenly flashed a thought to mind: Could it be that being rescued Niels sweetheart?At the moment, only female penguin is all alone.David suddenly thought: Is not they miss each other a lot, so just reject the new love?So three months later, when the expedition ended investigation task, they would only lame with a female penguin returned to England.The only female penguin also has a new name – Dealey.When in August 2009, King of Norway Guard came to Edinburgh to visit their penguin jazz again, pleasantly surprised to learn that: Niels married!The bride is the Dealey, but it is pregnant.Ups and downs of Daniels celebrates its love spring!To recommend the latest information sauna