Annie is what constellation?

极速赛车公式 Annie is beautiful and kind of do what constellation?Annie shot in a very sensual to the audience left a deep impression, look at Annie constellation explain it together today!  Pisces Annie (Anni Jing Inou), whose real name is Wu Jingyi, in March 1969 was born 4 in Taipei, Taiwan, native of Jinan, Shandong, China Taiwan singer, actor.1987 released their debut album “There I have you” into the entertainment; 1988 issue of “Nineteen-year-old on the last day” became popular; in 1995 with the movie Annie “Good Men, Good Women” in the “Static” won the first corner 32 session of the Taiwan Golden Horse best actress nomination.Mid-1997, the first Chinese mainland Annie filming the movie “I love my blood.”.Outside the performing arts, public-spirited Annie, is “quiet new books Fund” sponsor, founder, she also participated in children with autism fundraising to support poor boy, rescue patients a series of activities such as children love, adoption ten tolls orphans, signed the agreement body organs of organ donation, the charity won the 2012 star Award, 2013 by the China charity celebrity list of 10.  2016 Pisces overall good fortune, both in private life or at work, there is great progress.2016.6.28, Annie birth to a daughter in the United States, once again promoted to the mother, the joy was palpable.We wish her and the baby’s well-being! Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source