Everyone wants to wreck constellation combination of mandarin ducks

极速赛车公式 www.2chex.com Life can always see the envy of the couple, they have made natural understanding, in the crowd it is not necessarily the most dazzling, but it is definitely the most loving!Then you know the zodiac constellation CP which most people have the idea you want to break up?With a look.  Aries and Sagittarius VS Sagittarius sheep can be described as hit it off, they are perfect for each other in character; natural magnetic attraction, often unscrupulous love to show it, you can enjoy life with each other, there are not any unpleasant things I will not mind too much.Life is basically in a state of philandering, even if there is bickering can come and forget something else.Can be said to be very envy of others a pair of CP it!  Aquarius and Gemini Gemini VS bottle is absolutely call a constellation CP!They once hit with is the Trick fire; two are particularly imaginative, like ideas, and because two of the ability to accept new things are strong, always able to find a common topic in the shortest possible time and hobbies, chatting simply can not stop, will be amused each other each other’s sense of humor.If you are surrounded by such a combination, do not think, absolutely romantic comedy staged in a day.  Taurus Taurus VS Virgo combination with a virgin is a typical type courteous, since we are all earth signs, similar to the basic concepts, the same pursuit plain and stability of life, do not like to take risks but easy to reach to meet the spiritual.Their love will never be love at first sight, will go through a long period of time will confirm the other is his other half, the longer feel each other for their own, steady portrayal of their love life, it is a very congenial CP. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source