People look for “love” thousands of Baidu

极速赛车公式 Love test: Do you love the pursuit of the objects in the cold days, ever thought that no trace of her lover and come back, what people look like?Or, the person beside you is, you can warm your heart?For in the winter morning to a cup of hot drinks, a wide range of carefully pick your favorite drink, maybe it can find their own “Winter Lovers” for you.  Testing Starts: After breakfast in the morning in the winter, what kind of hope hot drinks appear in front of you?(Note that the answer it must be selected with the first instinct oh) A, hot water B, hot and fragrant coffee C, physical and mental health hot milk d, can return to red hot tea E, hot cocoa, hot chocolate test the results: a, hot water: you love is very simple conditions for lovers, it can be said is very simple; what you are looking for an object and your mind fit.What you want is for a pure, romantic ideal of love, and if the other party can not you say nothing at all, and you always have a hint of exaggeration, you will be spared much of.  B, hot and fragrant coffee: you immersed in the pursuit of a sex love, hope and love because of sex occurs to meet you; that is the object to be able to on sex, complete with your needs, otherwise his condition better, to love you, you will have a lot of reasons to say goodbye, because he does not have ignited the first condition of your love.  C, physical and mental health hot milk: you want to have a lover, with future plans to accompany you, and you follow all plan to move forward together.Mental Agreement is very important for you, desire, longing is a partner can work together.  d, can return to red hot tea: you yearn for love freestyle, when you want him, or would like to find a partner to travel, he will feel the need.Deep in your heart, do not want to be caught by someone, you do not need to have a deeper relationship with each other; you need independence and freedom of space and time, rather than a tightly wrapped around your lover.  E, hot cocoa, hot chocolate: love object you are looking for is the one that can lead your people.Because your love is to swear allegiance to the state of mind, always follow me; if you are male, although not necessarily Oedipus complex, but certainly nothing to the other main.So whether you are male or female, have more personality.