Think so.”

极速赛车公式   Mu child star surprised a moment, look inside some ideas rejected Daisha, listening to double Cheng said: “You are my brother.A lot of complaints it?”
  Cheng tactful words were double, one will understand Mu child star.
  Mu Cheng subspace attitudes double Needless to say, this time he is afraid she will go away by double-bullying, Mu subspace that time to drive double face to see if the rumors of cooperation should the two come to nothing.
  The news came to nothing, but also involves a lot of.
  Seeing Mu child stars have to understand, the way his hands holding pen in a notebook knocked: “I want to discuss today is the.”
  Mu child star Ningmei listen.
  ”Our direction may be wrong.”
  Cheng Shuangshun hand notes page Circle ‘direction’ word: “Because the enemy in the dark, if we are in the open, too vulnerable to enemy targets, so we chose hidden in the dark, how can afterwards I think feels right.”
  Cheng double looked up at her: “fake is a fake, no matter how true the rumors can not become really.”
  ”Do you want to work?”
  Cheng double nodded: “I think the man behind the effort to strategy point of view, we really do not come point, he will not show up.”
  Mu child star somehow had to follow her train of thought thinking: “Cooperation inevitably involves two relationships, you can see the current