Live her cold fingers, “how do you?”

极速赛车公式   He had never seen her look so painful.
  A rouge buried in his arms, sobbing voice trailed faint: “pain, sore ‘
  Xie is bright for a long time did not like this at a loss, and pain in his arms girl pale, thin voice, the body could not help trembling, and he was covered in stiff, barely clinging to his arms a little rub she came.
  ”A rouge?”He gently call her.
  Ah rouge this time has barely even forced her eyes wide open, still can not stop the heavy eye.
  When that moment her eyes closed, and concentrated deep darkness hit.
  The dim outline of her last one seen in her dreams, become more hazy figure.
  Her eyes filled, leaving only his sleeves are white.
  The long wooden pontoon, yellow lights lit, the lights in the water sprinkled on the pontoon, crushed to a light sparkling.
  Have fine snow, A rouge turned into a blood jade, fall in juvenile waist, walked the boardwalk with his umbrella, not far from the corridors to walk.
  Teenager stopped at the porch, smoke blue paper umbrella close to the side, young white slender fingers gently stroking blood jade waist, he stood there, slim figure thin, wide-sleeved wind involved