Time can not lie.

极速赛车公式 www.2chex.com   As for how to deal with this guy, you do not need to worry about is Chen diving, trouble in this place, wherever he goes to see so many wounded people covered in this place will definitely take lessons from him.
  Chen diving car quickly parked in the road leads to the garage.
  Since the newly built Outer Ring Road, this road but the truck, garage business on the road naturally gradually diminishing, and before long the garage will become obsolete, and now the yard has half the height of the weeds.
  Chen diving car first appeared, a few feather on youth carrying large wrench and a long machete blow-out.
  But Chen carrying a diving * After jumped out, few people imagined Diukuixiejia wolf ran scatter in all directions!
  Soon, Chen diving on carrying a gun and leaves Xiao Yao found tied to the house and Ye Xue Fu Bi Ying.
  Bi Ying Chen diving to see the moment of collapse just tears, Ye Xue Fu saw two men also feel that the people are generally collapsed, tension disappear, as she won a new man.
  ”Hurt no?”Chen quickly diving to the two untied the rope, helping them to slowly tear tape shut the mouth of the channel concerned.
  Ye Xiao Yao also up and down to check whether the injured sister.
  Bi Ying Calei while shaking his head, just that few people think of them up to no good, thanks to Ye Xue Fu wise, verbally scare them.
  ”Let you follow wronged.”Chen diving Sorry