Done, go straight only, no longer as before, still bother to come up with a variety of moves a detour.

极速赛车公式   Mathematics Test hand, proceed immediately to the last question, do the reverse forward, call it a day 65 minutes and did not return to see an original Xiao raised their hands to be handed in.
  Invigilator down, taking away the original Xiao papers and answer sheet scrap paper.Xiao got the original time, glanced around the corner, the front seat of any sea Xun Tang Guo and consistent progress, he likes order to do two questions, just finished The third big question.
  Side head glanced at a small table with a firmer foundation, XIA being slouched away lying on the table, his left hand holds the gills, right hand on scratch paper to write about the draw stroke, checking.
  In front of the original Xiao eyebrow, XIA away the whole answer sheet has been filled.She actually done.But there is no intention to carry out an assignment in advance, it is an oath to sit through the examination room looks like, exhausted every minute checks.
  After every game ahead of the original Xiao assignment of time, we can see the same table in earnest honestly start to finish, from the tail to the head, over and over again, taken the trouble to check.
  Xiao Tucao original mind, a waste of time.This effort there, not as an assignment ahead of time doing something else.
  He was never checked, it will be, it will not