Face a troubled look, said: “Father, you is not difficult for me, send me your home to set the wedding, which, let me explain how ah?”

极速赛车公式 www.2chex.com   Chu Father was somewhat puzzled, “how marriage sooner or later?This is not a classic isotonic valid reason to come back, how the parents are not marriage.But is not urgent, early marriage has not been decided, it would not be pushed back, is also reasonable to say, then came back to say isotonic master.”
  ”Oh,” Liu housekeeper sighed, “Upon my honor you always face that we can not wait three Miss a bed, thinking about the wedding set the rushing hi.I will go back, think about your old, looking back I asked the palace and then come.”Finished, she stood up to leave away.

Chapter 18 status of the Chu family
  Autumn, the leaves yellow, wind, Suifeng Wu, mixed with the howling of the autumn leaves flutter and fall in the fields.
  Harvest over a barren fields, and a piece of yellow leaves, showing a bleak scene, shines through autumn to winter to be bleak.
  Chu Heng among the sweating, the next effort crafts, clothes are suddenly pulling, a look back is the younger brother.Stop straightened up, wiped his sweat towel to get asked: “how?tired?A rest!Improper tight dry.”
  Yi Chu pointed to the edge of a farm, see Wu Shu Chu Heng rest sitting on edge of a farm, unknown so to see Yi Chu.