Contour soft, warm smile, it’s all too unreal, is not plausible.

极速赛车公式   Bai Qingqing micro looked up, looked deep into her eyes, the moment she lost God.
  Suddenly she could not tell, and he is in the play or in the end in reality, or, in a dream.If it is a dream, then it will certainly be a very beautiful dream.
  When Bai Qingqing recovered, Su Jing has played out this scene, is firmly fixed on her thin lips smile two distinct.And her eyes, and swayed Nama still fondly.
  Baiqing Qing stared SU mirror, light jog throat swallowed saliva.That moment, her heart suddenly born an indescribable throbbing.
  Author has to say: After know Yang Jieling touched Bai Qingqing’s head, mirror on the Soviet Union carrying the sword went 40 meters.
  - Yang Jieling, Death.

Chapter 15
  Less than nine in the morning, the sun through a small chink in the curtains to drilling and landed on the bedside carpet.
  Bai Qingqing was awakened by a phone call.
  She forgot how he Huidaofangzhong, just remember to wash oneself after to the bed so they sleep in the past.
  Twisted brow, her open palm lightly covered his eyes, but ringtones are constantly ringing, she only rubbed difficult to open eyes, trying to stretch a hand to reach for bed